3 Different Strategy To Solve JEE Mains Paper Online


I hope you have given  JEE MAINS exam in January, 2019 if not then there is one more chance. Go to this website  for JEE Mains registration. JEE Mains syllabus and exam pattern will remain same as before.

               In April there will be 8 different sessions therefore 8 different papers. All the papers are completely different from each other from difficulty level to number of question from a particular chapter. Every students have different technique to solve the JEE Main paper depending upon their preparations and the nature of the paper. I have suggested few tips on paper solving which may be helpful for certain JEE Main aspirants.
       1If you have prepared really well for IIT JEE Advanced then Mains exam will be cookie for you. But I might add here that most students targeting for upper 4000 Ranks in IIT Advanced always start their JEE Mains exam with difficult subject of the paper (which is mostly Mathematics) and save the easiest part (which is generally) chemistry for the last. In this way they solve all the difficult problems in the beginning of the paper when there is no pressure of the time and at last they will have plenty of time to solve the easy problems from Chemistry.

  2. Some students give their complete attention to JEE Main. For such student I believe any of the  following two strategy can work
         (i)Start with Chemistry but you must have a time limit (30-50 min). Then divide the rest of the time for the remaining to subjects according to your practice and the level of the paper. But always try to solve the question within the time limit.
         (ii) There is one more very practical way to approach your JEE Mains Examination. In this strategy don’t give preference to any subject but to the level of the question. And the preference order should be Easy>>Medium>>Hard.       In first half an hour go from first page to last page SOLVING ONLY EASY QUESTION, then again start from the first page to last but this time concentrate on medium level question and at last if there is any time left solve the hard question.

      3If due to some reasons your preparation is not very well but still you want a government college very badly then you must definitely start with Chemistry and attempt all the questions within 60-75 minute for that. After then try next relatively easier subject and so on. Also try to find the question which can be done objectively (by putting the value from the options). And remember you don’t have to fill the bubbles using guess work you could end up with negative marks. But here is the catch if you can do as much as 30 question out of 90 without any negative marking will land you in an NIT or IIIT which I think is very easy.
These are the ‘3 Different Strategy To Solve JEE Main Paper‘ to help you to get better percentile. If you have anything to say or add please comment.

And Best Of Luck.



  • Sania sharma

    Sir I am very weak student. Some of my friends say I should quit preparing for IIT JEE.But I will prove them wrong by following these steps.

  • Lokesh Sharma

    Can you write same kind of article for JEE Advanced and BITSAT 🙂

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