Books Recommended For JEE Main Exam

Books Recommended For JEE Main Exam

Books Recommended For JEE Main Exam

NTA is conducting JEE Mains again in April month from 9-12 April. Registrations are open. If you are getting cold feet then do not worry everyone is in the same situation. The only important question you need to ask yourself is how hard you can study to get more than 99 percentile in the April session of JEE Mains.

Still, not sure?. Let me tell you it is not that difficult as you may think. You have already spent hours and hours in the past couple of years and maybe more. Then you have no reason to doubt yourself. Never underestimate yourself. Think if you can not get 99 percentile nobody can.

Are you psyched now? Kudos! Your half of the preparation is done!

Now let’s talk about something which is often ignored by most of the students and instead all they think about is revision, completing the syllabus, important chapters etc. I am not saying these are not important. These things are also very important. But is this enough? No!

Because despite all of these efforts when students leave the examination hall claiming that they will get be getting very high JEE Mains Score, and they are very confident about their claim because they have done all those things which I have mentioned in the previous paragraph. But their result shows otherwise.

So what is the missing piece? Still, no idea. It is the lack of Practice of Paper solving. Yes! You have to solve the mock test paper to get excellent marks in the final paper. There is no other way around. Well, let me explain it to you.

Why Solving Mock Test Papers Helps In JEE MAIN?

1. Solving questions is different from Attempting a Paper 
Solving JEE Mains Mock Question Paper make you realize that solving paper is completely different from solving your regular assignment. Why? Because you don’t have any time limit in assignments also you have the answer key which makes a big difference during JEE Main Paper.
2. Points out your weak point  
By solving the sample papers of any Entrance exam you can get a very accurate review of your Preparation. You may find that some very easy yet important chapters are your weak point which may cost you dearly in JEE Main 2019 Exam.
3. Speed up your Revision 
 When students revise each and every chapter from start till the end in each subject their speed slows down with time due to boredom which is quite natural. But if you will attempt JEE Main Mock Test Paper which includes questions from each topic in different sections and you will be revising as well because after completing the paper you will check your mistakes.
4. Gives you an Idea about negative marking and the time limit 
As students practice and solve a good number of unsolved papers or previous year papers, they improve their speed of solving questions and also, they get an idea about negative marking and its drastic effect on their NTA score. Remember negative marking can cost you lot more than you think not just -1 but if you think carefully it will cost you 5 marks (Why?). Which can severely hurt your chance to get in the top 20 percentile.
5. Take the Mock Test Very Seriously 

If you are giving any JEE Main Mock Test 2019 anywhere online or offline give it very seriously. Do not let the temptation of leaving the paper early deter you from your resolution of getting into NIT or IIT.

I hope you got the vibe. Solving the mock test papers is a must to get a decent NTA score. Now the next question comes where to find these JEE Main Unsolved Test Paper?

The answer is anywhere! You can take online and offline JEE Main Mock Test Paper from so many sources. I will list the offline Source first.

Books Recommended For JEE Main Exam

There are plenty of books available in the market for paper-pen practice. I am listing a few of them

1.15 Practice Sets for JEE Main 2019Paperback – This book has 15 complete mock tests, chapter wise problems 30 questions from each chapter and previous 5 years solved papers.
Also, this book contains hints in form of a formula, the short solution to all questions and print links to details solution. You can type those links in any browser (preferably google chrome) to see the complete answers or just download their app.
A lot of students have tried this book and they are satisfied with it. Most of the papers are JEE level. So all in good option for practicing paper.

2. NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests (87Chapter-wise + 12 Subject-wise + 2 Full)

Disha publication has done a very creative job in ‘NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests‘ which contains 87 Chapter-wise (29 in Physics, 30 in Chemistry and 28 in Mathematics) plus 12 Subject-wise ( 4 in each subject) plus 2 Full Syllabus Tests based on the NCERT and JEE Main Syllabus. Solutions are easy to understand.
It is very amazing that Cutoff, Qualifying Score for each Test is provided. A must-have book for Concept Checking and Speed Building with 3210 MCQs. If completed with Full Honesty, this book can definitely improve your score by 10-15 percentile.
But I might add one thing, according to me this book is more useful to strengthen individual chapters rather than the whole paper.
Also, the Kindle edition of this book is available which can be very easy to carry and cheaper than the hardcopy.

3. NTA (National Testing Agency) IIT JEEMains – 15 Mock Tests: This book also contains 15 mock tests and Each question is supported with detailed answers for a better understanding of concepts. This book will help students understand the exam pattern and weightage of questions asked in the JEE Main exam.
But the main highlight of this book is the questions they are amazing, especially Math and Physics. Also, you will find organic chemistry questions to be very interesting.
But it contains a lot of mistakes which can be identified by you easily. Overall, you can buy this book.

4. REPLICA JEE MAINS: Now this book is a complete surprise. It consists of 16 JEE Mains Test Papers. Also, detailed Solutions of each paper are given in the solution booklet which is very unique. You can assess your rank on their website after attempting the papers. Moreover, the end of the book you will find an additional 450 questions exclusively for JEE Main which are not the part of IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus.

Some questions are misprinted but on another hand, you will also find some new type of question. The book has a perfect blend of different level of questions. It will give you a feeling of the real exam.



There are several ways to take an online mock test for JEE Main 2019 but most popular of them is NTA JEE Main Mock Test Paper. The process to apply is very simple just follow the instruction so you can read.

Let me tell you the other aspects of NTA online mock test, for example, the level of questions is concerned, they are rather easier than the actual level of exam especially many maths questions are easy. You can’t expect such questions to come in the actual paper.

I think the main objective of Books Recommended For JEE Main Exam is to become familiar with the user interface.

That’s it you have complete knowledge of mock test papers now without wasting any time start practicing them. I would suggest an attempt at least 15 papers before your JEE Mains exam thoroughly. REMEMBER thoroughly means you have to attempt full paper in 3 hours and check their solution and then move on to another paper after 2-3 days. DON’T HIT AND RUN.

4 Essential Books For JEE Mains 2019


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Best of luck.


  • vishal kumar

    I had never heard about Replica JEE Mains. But then I bought it from link above and to my surprise it the best book for JEE Mains. Than you so much.

  • kushal singh

    Sir I have just started the preparation for IIT JEE. Can you suggest some basic books for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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