5 Mock Test Papers To Score 100 Percentile In JEE Mains 2019

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JEE Main is the most sought after engineering entrance exam in the Nation and practicing a JEE Main Mock Test Series for exam will ensure a better rank.

JEE Main attracts millions of aspirants across the country. But this year many students are worried because from this year the entrance exam will be a Computer Based Test (CBT).

Unfortunately some JEE aspirants still prefer taking the exam offline but if they think carefully giving the JEE Main online is also a great advantage in many ways.

For an instance, it is faster to mark the answers in the online exam. Also, you can change the answer if you think you have answered it incorrectly. You can mark the questions if you want to come back to try them later.

National Testing Agency has already conducted the January attempt of JEE Main 2019.

National Testing Agency has conducted the Paper I(B.Tech course) of JEE Main 2019 on January 9, 10, 11 & 12 in eight different sessions and the Paper 2 on January 8 in two slots.

Students took Paper 1 in computer-based mode, while Paper 2 Mathematics and Aptitude test for B.Arch. was conducted online while drawing test in offline (pen-and-paper) mode.

JEE Main Question Papers 2019: Important Highlights

I have talked to a lot of students who took JEE Main Paper-1 on January 9 (afternoon session). According to them following pattern was observed.

In Chemistry a lot of questions were from basic strength of amines, Ppm of safe drinking water, Freundlich isotherm, LiAlh4 reduction, isotopes of H2 , Numerical from electrochemistry and chemical kinetics, Copper pyrites, MOT, Statement on Raoult’s law, calculation of Molarity, pH determination on acid and base, Stability of carbonates(s block), Spin only MM

In Physics Mechanics, Current electricity (drift velocity, ckt problem), Electrostatic (neutral charge distance, maximum electric field), Magnetism (calculation of magnetic field, Force), Em waves, polarisation, spherical lens, Numerical on Photoelectric effect, de Broglie wavelength, Radioactivity

In Mathematics Maximum volume occupied by a cone and cylinder, Function, mathematical reasoning and statistics (no height and distance), Matrix multiplication, system of linear equations ( inconsistent), Lhopital’s rule, continuity, Vector 3d (simple), Permutation and combination (combination), probability (random variable), Coordinate geometry (formula based), Complex number. (Questions regarding imaginary part)

The National Testing Agency is organizing JEE Main 2019 on 8,9,10,12 April again.

The JEE Main exam pattern and JEE Main syllabus 2019 will be the same as previous year.

JEE Main April 2019, entrance exam for engineering colleges, will be conducted in eight different slots.

JEE Main question papers give you an idea of the type of the questions being asked in the entrance exam. In this way you will know which chapters are important.

You will be able to work on these topics with constant practice of previous year JEE Mains question papers.

JEE Main question papers will also help you to work on your speed, efficiency and time management skills which are extremely important while appearing exam.

Various coaching institutes have given the solution of previous year JEE Mains Paper. Visit their websites download the papers and cross check your answer with their solution. Sometimes their solutions can be wrong or missing so you have to very careful when looking for solution.

Free JEE Main Sample Paper 2019: One of the best ways to prepare for the IIT JEE Main is to take a free JEE Main sample papers.

There are a lot of JEE Main Test Series available in the offline and online market. Unfortunately, most of them are old-fashioned and they do not include the pattern of the previous year JEE papers.

JEE Main Sample Papers 2019


 If you are IIT-JEE aspirants and you are appearing for the JEE Main 2019 then you can download sample papers from the below. I have tried to include the solution along with most of the sample papers of JEE Main 2019, you will get the solution at the end of the most of the papers.

The JEE Main sample papers 2019 will provide you an insight of the exam pattern, marking scheme, type of questions that are expected in the exam. If you will solve these sample papers of JEE Main 2019 thoroughly you will able to know your strength and weakness.

There is one more benefit of solving JEE Main 2019 sample papers, you will be able to improve your speed and learn time management which is very important for the exam. Along with this, you will also understand the priority order of importance of chapters by practicing JEE Main sample papers 2019.

Thus solving these mock test papers will help you to improve your expected score well in the JEE Main exam

JEE Main Exam is just few weeks away and you must be worried about question paper and the expected question in the exam? If yes, no need to worry!

I have made these 5 Predicted JEE Main Question Paper to assist you.

While making these question paper I have kept in mind that Sample paper must contain questions which are relevant according to the latest syllabus of the joint Entrance Examination. I suggest students to try to solve one or more of the mock question papers of JEE Main exam given below in this article. But before attempting these JEE Main Unsolved Paper you should not only study the theory of the prescribed syllabus but also polish your problem-solving skills.

I have given the sample papers of JEE Main in PDF format for all of you to ace the exam. You can download the question papers and try out the questions from physics , chemistry and mathematics. The papers are based on syllabus of JEE Main. These PDF files are free for download.

So do not wait. Practice the JEE Main 2019 Predicted Question Paper given in this article and evaluate where your JEE Main preparation stands.


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