7 Habbits To Prepare For JEE Mains and Advanced Like A SOLDIER

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7 Habbits To Prepare For JEE Mains and Advanced Like Soldier
As all of you know after the start of preparation, a great deal of JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced aspirants perform themselves into frenzy before classes even begin. And in every coaching there are a lot of classes from afternoon till late evening, numerous questions in homework, weekly test, monthly test, Major tests and not to mention the pressure from school.
The stress induces some students to keep awake into the wee hours of the midnight to think about every facet of every single assignment problem. Rest, nutrition, hygiene, and anything that will get in the method of spending those extra few moments go by the wayside. But there’s an expectation. 
The fantastic news is the fact that by altering a couple of pieces of your day, JEE preparation (organized by NTA) can be a successful, enjoyable process.
What will make JEE preparation seem dissimilar to you personally will be another perspective of a SOLDIER. I implemented a few of the soft skills I learned from the friends in armed forces to my day-to-day routine in Vidya Mandir Classes. You are able to gain a few of these same skills by continuing to see this informative article, thus skipping the training of military. 
Insert a few or all these habbits to make your college or work experience powerful and enjoyable. To help it becomes easy to consider, utilize the acronym SOLDIER.
S- Snooz: Get Adequate Rest:
7 Habbits To Prepare For JEE Mains and Advanced Like Soldier
In the event that you merely implement one item in this full article make it this one: Get decent sleep. Receiving 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night will allow you to be clean new, mentally awake and attentive through the day. Just like soldiers should, ideally, get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Previously, Army guidelines had suggested only half that amount, but now it is changed because of concerns about sleep-deprived soldiers in combat.
 When a soldier is in combat, sleep-deprivation or fatigued could reduce his or her judgment and delay the reaction times. Some Psychologists believe that sleep deprivation is even linked to post-traumatic stress disorder.
Similarly if a student stays up all night, thinking that he is really studying hard but in fact, he is dulling his senses and also wasting his next day.
A good sleep decreases your reaction time, increase your ability to memorize and learning and most importantly boosts your motivation just like a soldier.
O- Own Your Bed:
Make your Own Bed to qualify JEE Mains and Advanced
Maybe this one seems stupid to some; however, I feel a good deal of significance for organizing my bed every day. In soldier training, they are forced to arrange their beds to perfection every day. It appears dull in contrast to a lot of the other soldiering abilities like shooting, assaulting goals, and jumping from planes, however, drill instructors everywhere guarantee that every trainee soldier makes their beds to perfection daily.
For me, making my bed can be a simple task that will get my day started. I finish it as soon as I get up, which let me assess one thing off of my to-do checklist. According to high ranking Officers in Armed Forces, producing your mattress is a small achievement to get every day started right also one that you can come back to at the end of the day. Self-help guru Tim Ferriss additionally discusses the importance of making his bed as part of his morning.
L- LIFE: Reflect On It
Reflect on Life to get selcted in IIT JEE Mains and Advanced
When a soldier is briefed about his or her mission he or she is given the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want. So that, soldier does not have any confusion about the purpose during operation.
 It is simple to forget why you started the preparation. It is easy to lose sight of the ending goal once the day-to-day activities become too busy.
 Each day, when you start your class asks yourself what are you studying? What have you read about it? What is the basic concept behind it? This time stipulates a few moments of private reflection on why one chose to prepare for IIT JEE and also the value of the assignment.
I’ve got a couple of books like The Secret (you can buy here) and The Topper Prepares: True Stories Of those Who cracked JEE (you can buy here) . I read to help give clarity and outlook. I will change them up every so often to keep up a fresh view.
 My recommendation is to find something that provides you with a few minutes of reflection, troubles your opinions, and also inspires you to achieve greatness. This is can be a song, novel, poem, or anything that works for you.
When was the previous time you reflected on why you would like to go after this preparation? Why did you apply for JEE? Has your view changed as you started? If this is the case, why?  How can, what you’re doing right now help you accomplish your goals for example getting in top of the merit list of JEE Main 2019 exam?
 A couple of moments daily symbolizing helps to ensure that you do not lose sight of the end goal underneath the day-to-day actions.
D- DON’T Neglect Your Health:
Play Cricket to get selected in IIT JEE
It is a widespread understanding that an Armed Forces personal need to exercise every early morning (and again most afternoons). Working-out gives them an easy method to deal with the pressures of work and also ensured we could handle any endeavor. The body takes the brain in the spot to place, and even the intellect will not function well if the body hurts.
 During my student days in IITK, I found out that my classmates and professors that exercise regularly perform a lot much better compared to the ones that don’t get exercise. I like working out in the morning once the fitness center is mostly empty as it makes it possible for me to concentration and focus.
Your exercise does not have to be of the soldier or marine. Even if you run, play cricket, badminton or football on the weekend, it will be very beneficial for your physical and mental health. I’m not likely to prescribe any specific methodology; however, I will mention you’re more apt to continue doing something you like.
 Discover a workout that’s fun and challenging. It will significantly enhance your marks and rank in school tests as well as AITS of your coaching.
I- INTEL Update Before every single Test  
Do a lot of revision
An army man makes sure to own the hottest intelligence briefing due to the fact he or she wishes to know what was occurring inside and outside the mission location. Additionally, they browse the local newspaper so that they know that day what locals will discuss.
Similarly, when there is a test in your coaching institute, study carefully each and everything you have learned in the class. Most of the students revise only the formulae, but this will not help. You must go through each concept and 2-3 excellent questions related to every idea along with a revision of most of the problems. Also, give special attention to the question of which is marked as necessary by the faculty.
Also as I have mention in my previous article solve a lot of mock test, previous year paper and solve JEE Main paper and JEE advanced exam of different difficulty levels.
E- Enhance Your Perspective
Students should have a hobby to qualify JEE Mains
At the army, the occupation can be overpowering for those who have spare time activity outside their day-to-day do the job. A serving army person might burn if he or she doesn’t have other interests. This one may seem counter-intuitive to understand. How is it more productive with the addition of something unrelated?
In IIT coaching, it’s easy to be entrapped in books along with assignments, so forgetting about the world outside the coaching which in turn can limit your perspective of problem-solving. Therefore you should also spend many minutes every day reading the news to learn what’s happened in the whole world primarily from the field of science and technology or maybe leisure. 
If you find these tips boring you can also take a mental break from the day-to-day schedule by listening to music or watching your favorite web series or sports, to enhance your perspective.
R – Resist Excessive Studying: When Should you call It A Day
Too much studying does not help
At the army, as in JEE preparation, there’s usually more work to do. In the armed forces, there’s an endless number of contingency planning, prep, rehearsing, etc. that sometimes happens. In coaching institutes, there are more chapters to browse, memorize and analyze, reference books to read, and more. 
Sooner or later, you have to set the books off for the night so that you are fresh to begin again the very next day. Suppose your day starts 6 in the morning and you come back home at 2 in the afternoon then you reach your coaching institute at 4 and back to home again at 8 in the evening. Day has not ended yet you have to do your homework, revision, etc from 9 to 12.
This schedule is pretty hectic. You should try to find the time to rest in the afternoon at home. Also, resist yourself from studying after midnight. If you are studying too late at night and thinking that it is very useful then you are wrong because in reality it is very tiring for your mind and makes studying boring.

   Care For Yourself, Take Care of Your Understanding

You could say that you directly can’t execute every one these hints daily. That is fine. You might need to review. You can get six hours or less to sleep, some times.
 If you can regularly put in a few of these tips to your schedule, you’ll observe increased efficacy. Merely take the direction taken by armed forces in their highly intricate and complex missions, and prepare for results.



  • Ramesh Singh

    Thank you sir ! I never consider these things in my studies. I used to study till 4:00 am in the morning 🙁 . I am will stop this right now.

  • I left my favorite sport cricket the day I started preparation for IIT JEE. But I am not doing any good in AITS of my coaching. I will start playing again once a week. Thanks Atul Sir.

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