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Tips For Revision Of IIT JEE Mains and Advanced

JEE advanced important topics

Every students goes to School and almost every student attends a coaching institute. They visit the same classes and make notes. They solve many problems in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Then they appear in a lot of Tests for JEE Mains and Advanced. But not all of them get desirable marks and ranks. And as a result of this rank,

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How To Study More in Lesser Time For JEE Mains and Advanced

tips to crack JEE mains

I qualified IIT JEE Advanced in 2005. My All India Rank was 2115. I was not very happy about it but it was okay. Now when I look back I can clearly see my mistakes. Then I used to wonder why some students are getting better marks than me when it clearly seems that I am studying harder than them.

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