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IIT JEE preparation tips

IIT JEE preparation tipsn: COMPLETE MATHEMATICS FOR JEE MAIN 2020 Summary:”Entire Mathematics for JEE Main 2020” judiciously combines practice and theory, with the ideal emphasis on solved exercises and examples. The whole syllabus is covered in 28 chapters that adhere strictly to the present pattern of this examination. Salient features: – Lots of solved examples confirmed by training questions –

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BITSAT 2020: Application Form, Eligibility, Dates, Exam Pattern, Syllabus


BITSAT 2020 will Be held by Birla Institute of Technology and Science. This is a college level entrance examination held annually to provide admissions into different Integrated First Degree Programmes. Entry will be provided to the candidates to B.E, B.Pharm and M.Sc programs after qualifying this entry test. Candidates will get entry in the BITS campuses situated in Pilani, Goa

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Preparation and properties of the following compounds Oxides, peroxides, hydroxides, carbonates

Compounds Preparation Properties sodium oxide Sodium oxide is produced by the reaction of sodium with sodium hydroxide, sodium peroxide, or sodium nitrite: [5] Most of these reactions rely on the reduction of something by sodium, whether it is hydroxide, peroxide, or nitrite. Burning sodium in air will produce Na2O and about 20% sodium peroxide Na2O2. Sodium Oxide is a highly

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A few of JEE advanced important topics from Ideal Gas Law

JEE advanced important topics

So lets start with one of JEE advanced important topics – Ideal Gas Law. Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures Mixtures of gases are often used in experiments. The total gas pressure is related to the partial pressures, that is, the pressures of the individual components of the mixture. Dalton formulated a law, which is now known as Dalton’s law of

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How to prepare for JEE mains for Electrochemical Series ?

How to prepare for JEE mains for Electrochemical Series

Hey there! Let’s read about “how to prepare for JEE mains for Electrochemical Series”. The Electrochemical Series Many of the chemical reactions that occur in biological processes, in the processes of industrial production and in the chemical processes of the geosphere, the atmosphere and the hydrosphere are reactions in which the participating substances undergo oxidation and reduction processes (redox). Since

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