Which engineering branch is behind your mobile?

JEE advanced mock test engineering in electronics and communications
While giving JEE advanced mock test Can you even imagine your life without internet, computer or worst without a mobile. And did you know it has a very important relation with engineering in electronics and communications. 
Well, not a lot of us can.
And do you know what these all products have in common.
All are the product are of engineering in electronics and communications.
Electronics and communications industries offer many possibilities for future career growth.
Along with job opportunities it promises growth and demand for research and development. If you hope to become an ENC engineer, you should know that you will have a wealth of job options. JEE advanced mock test will not tell you this information about ENC so read it till the end.

 Field Of job

You may want to work for a company that operates in the core electronics field. On other hand you can also work for a network communications company.
If none of them suits you you can opt for a government job, research or build your own start-up.
As a core engineer, you can be Engineer in Design, Embedding, a Network support or an ASIC Engineer Trainee.
As a core engineer, you might work in:
  • Analog Electronics
  • Circuit design
  • Control System
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electronics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Nano Technology
  • Networking
  • Optical Communications
  • Robotics
  • Signal Processing
  • Wireless Communications.
You can also opt for a non-core position. Many non-core jobs are found in the software industry. While they don’t fall into your core domain, they generally pay well. You may also opt for government employment.

Higher Studies & Government job

Most public service companies recruit using GATE scores. Taking GATE administered by the IISc Banglore is essential for all aspiring engineers. This exam is completely different from JEE advanced mock test.
There is low competition in engineering in electronics and communications for GATE Exam. It has almost declined 50% in last 5 years. So getting admission in M. Tech is rather easy then other Branches.
There are well-paying jobs in government in Airport, Defense, Radio, Railways, Telegraph. Banks hire ECE engineers as do the military. Both the Indian Army and the Indian Navy hire these engineers.
The I.A.S. or civil service exam is also an option, requiring extensive preparation. All engineers are well suited to the IAS exam due to the difficulty of engineering. But this exam will be way more difficult than JEE advanced mock test.
Last but not least, you can choose to teach. You will need to complete a Masters and pursue some amount of research, but jobs are available.

what will you study?

In this branch you will be studying the basics of engineering in electronics and communications. It will include circuits, laws, power and transfer.
You’ll also explore:
  • Analog
  • Circuit analysis
  • Communications
  • Control systems
  • Digital
  • Electromagnetic and microwaves
  • Electronic devices
  • Linear Integrated Circuits, and
  • Mathematics
among other subjects.
You can continue and pursue a Masters degree in ENC, or you will find several institutions that offer a PhD.
M.Tech degree is ideal for candidates who prefer to research a particular domain of ENC.

salary offered in iits, nits and iiits

Monthly salaries can average from Rs.50000 Rs 200000 on upward as an entry-level employee or new graduate from IIT’s and NIT’s.
From the radio to the cell phone with GPS, electronics is involved in every facet of our lives in the developed world.
The future depends on the continuous design and evolution of electronic devices. For an example you take most of your JEE advanced mock test on electronic devices. As an electronic engineer, you will design hardware and software.
You will also offer technical support, inspect equipment and provide technical documentation.
If you find radio, communications or television devices fascinating
this field will embrace you with open arms.
If you want to design and build the gadgets of tomorrow, ENC engineering is a profession for you.

cut off for iits, nits and iiits

IIT Total Seats OR CR
Bhubaneswar (B.Tech) 40 2124 3.5k
Roorkee 80 915 1266
Dhanbad 92 3k 5k
Varanasi 80 1.5k 2.4k
Guwahati 73 1k 1.5k
NIT HS/OS (Total Seats) HS/OS – OR HS/OS – CR
Jalandhar 45/45 11.8k/4.1k 21k/14k
Jaipur 47/46 5.2k/5.2k 8.4k/8.5k
Bhopal 70/69 3k/6.7k 13.3k/10.7k
Allahabad 68/70 4.3k/4.1k 7.3k/7.2k
Agartala 46/46 35k/10.5k 163k/25k
Calicut 69/69 7.2k/4.5k 13k/8k
Delhi 30/30 7.3k/7.7k 19.3k/11.1k
Durgapur 39/39 5.2k/7.8k 19.5k/12.2k
Goa 12/3/15 23k/7.7k 73k/15.8k
Hamirpur (B.Tech) 46/47 29k/10k 47.5k/15k
Surathkal 47/46 2.6k/2k 6.4k/4k
Meghalaya 15/15 58k/20k 169k/28k
Patna 60/60 16.7k/12.4k 24.8k/20k
Puducherry 30/30 33k/8k 131k/18k
Raipur 45/47 23k/10k 48k/17.2k
Sikkim 20/20 164k/18k 164k/30k
Arunanchal Pradesh 15/15 51k/18.4k 114k/32k
Jamshedpur 44/43 12k/8.1k 21k/14.5k
Kurukshetra 69/69 6.5k/7.3k 14.6k/12.4k
Manipur 15/15 97.6k/15k 890k/45k
Mizoram 13/14 470k/23.6k /35.6k
Rourkela 22/23 7.5k/2.7k 10k/5.5k
Silchar 60/60 22.8k/9k 51.5k/20k
Srinagar 41/40 41k/18.5k 89k/37.6k
Tiruchirapalli 46/46 2.4k/1k 6.6k/2.4k
Uttarakhand 15/15 23k/11k 40.6k/22.3k
Warangal 63/54 787/1.7k 5.4k/4.3k
Surat 69/69 6k/4.7k 18.3k/9.8k
Nagpur 67/69 5.5k/4.7k 10.6k/7.9k
Andhra Pradesh 45/45 12.8k/10k 21.5k/22.8k
IIIT AI (Total Seats) AI – OR AI – CR
Kota 60 18.8k 33k
Guwahati 85 11.6k 33k
Sonepat 30 19.6k 34k
Una 60 23k 37.5k
Sri City 7 16k 26.7k
Allahabad 100 4.8k 10k
Kancheepuram 60 12k 21.5k
Jabalpur 100 12k 23k
Manipur 50 28k 44k
Tiruchirappali 30 9.4k 20k
Dharwad 60 20.4k 37k
Andhra Pradesh 40 19.3k 36k
Ranchi 60 23.6k 38k
Nagpur 90 9k 36.5k
Pune 60 1.8k 32.5k
Bhagalpur 60 26.7k 41.2k
Bhopal 60 12k 36.8k
Surat 60 17.8k 33.3k
GFTI HS/OS (Total Seats) HS/OS – OR HS/OS – CR
Assam Univ. AI 28.7k 47k
BIT Mesra 21/24 10.4k/9.2k 24.8k/16.7k
Gurukul Kangri 92 30.2k 57.3k
Guru Ghasidas 60 24.7k 54.6k
JK Allahbad 46 26k 37.4k
Longowal 26 27k 48.3k
Mizoram Univ. 15 36k 57.4k
Tezpur 22 31k 50.5k
Katra 31 31k 58.4k
Shibpur 25/25 4.3k/9.6k 12.8k/17.6k
Garhwal 19 28k 57k
Naya Raipur 21 14k 29k
PEC 47/50 9.2k 17k/14k
JNU 50 6.6k 26k
Bhubaneswar 30 11k 38k

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