How to prepare for JEE mains : For every dropper

ow to prepare for JEE mains

Hello people! Atul is here with you, and here is the dropper’s article in series of how to prepare for JEE mains and JEE mains tips and tricks as I promised you guys.

I’ll explain this right from the start for everyone who took the drop. Hold it hard to the end, not in the middle. Many people drop in the middle  and they get bad ranks than the previous year.

In some ways droppers have some advantages over others:

  1. There is no school, so you have the whole year to study hard.
  2. You have engaged in JEE once, so, you have great knowledge of how to prepare for JEE mains.
  3. Try to avoid stress.


Now, there are some little things you need to know when preparing to get ready:

Ideally, your course finishes before January, so you have a great time to train and learn. By completing the course I mean having enough confidence in every chapter. When you complete the course, try to have some test every day, probably by exam schedule.

Do revision along with some test. Review each chapter occasionally, in order to have it in your mind as it is. Never lose contact with a chapter.

Ideally, I recommend daily checking of inorganic chemistry. I use to engage myself in Inorganic by choosing each chapter one after the other, writing down everything’s that come into my mind about each chapter, then comparing it with my notes to see what I had. (This method will help every student, mostly student with poor memories like me.) these are the JEE mains tips and tricks for every student.

Here is some little motivation now about how to prepare for JEE mains for droppers:

  •  It is very easy to lose motivation during the drop year. Avoid de-motivate.
  • The same people who repeatedly say that taking a drop is a high risk will later come to tell you that you have made a wise decision after you have successfully eliminated JEE with a good grade.
  • Have something that will motivate you even when you feel the biggest gap in your life. Stay in touch with your parents, teachers, and friends who can motivate you, because JEE is not just PCM but it will also manage your emotions and stress.
  • Your rank last year is not important, what is very important is your performance this year! No one will ask why you dropped a year in the long run! Actually, students in IITs and NITs are so relaxed that they do not care if you’ve fallen for a year after 12 years or not.

So work hard, stay motivated! See you in IIT next year!

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