How to prepare for JEE advanced Physics ?

how to prepare for JEE advanced tips to crack JEE mains

A lot of student’s favorite topic is Physics. I was not that good in physics (the mechanics part). But in my 12th class, I met one of my teachers who completely help me changed my perception about Physics when I thinking of how to prepare for JEE advanced. He assists me a lot and thanks to his support I managed to beat Physics down in IIT JEE. When you are looking for tips to crack JEE mains the best book for Physics that has no doubt is HC Verma the best of all.

Physics can be divided into the following parts:


HC Verma is Ideal for this (along with NCERT) for practice and its theory, IE Irodov is the best to book for that. DC Pandey is also good, you can try this book. Mechanics require intensive and practical exposure to various problems. This is one of the difficult part of JEE paper.


HC Verma is also the best book for this part. From this section, 3-5 questions are listed out in JEE paper. If you really want to know how to prepare for JEE advanced master this chapter.

Electrical and Magnetism:

For this section, HC Verma is not sufficient. You need to study harder than before because JEE will rarely be a direct question in this section. This section has an edge over others because of its huge weighting in the JEE paper.


this is one of the simplest parts of physics only if you study well. It is very straightforward and easy to understand. This section also has the greatest silly – mistakes. It is necessary to have the sign convention in mind; otherwise, you won’t understand the whole question and this may go wrong because of it.

Modern Physics:

this chapter is a tough nut to crack, difficult and very theoretical. This section, apart from its numerical, has many questions based on theory. Pay special attention to radioactivity and X-rays. HC Verma and NCERT are enough for this section because they covered all the topics in this section.

To summarize the whole tips to crack JEE mains, when you are looking at the best textbook for how to prepare for JEE advanced physics HC Verma is the best book at of all. NCERT is also useful so don’t ignore it, go through NCERT at least 2-3 times. You’ll find something new and usable there. If you study physics with a simple and easy hand, you may fail this course. All you need is to feel it, appreciate it, enjoy it more and apply it.

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