How to prepare for JEE mains and advanced in class 11

how to prepare for JEE mains

Many students dream to do engineering from ace engineering institutes in India. Mainly they are IIT’s and after that NIT’s and IIIT’s . It is one of the most challenging entrance exams in the world. And very few know how to prepare for JEE mains and advanced in the right direction. Here we will analyze how to share and devote time to important topics of the eleventh standard in order to get the maximum score in IIT JEE.

IIT JEE main and advanced exam includes questions with multiple choices in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. With the same weight assigned to three topics, you need to know how to prepare for the IIT and which topics you want to highlight to answer most of the questions at the scheduled time.

In order to better understand and prepare the students, we organized a list of important topics for JEE in each topic in order to determine the priorities of the topics. Keep reading!

class 11 Mathematics

  • Complex Number : It is one the most difficult topics in Mathematics. You have to be very attentive in the class. Not to mention you have to practice a lot of harder question from this chapter. This is how to prepare for JEE Mains.
  • Coordinate Geometry: you need to be precise in the circle
  • Logarithm: only basic questions about the log are important
  • Permutation and Combination: the important topics to deal with here are circular permutation, a complete solution of linear equations and the division/distribution of groups.
  • Quadratic Equation: it is necessary to focus on the roots of the coefficients of the equation and, in particular, to the roots of the equation. It is the important topics for JEE.

Most of these chapters are covered in the

Mathematics for Joint Entrance Examination by Ghanshaym Tewani

how to prepare for JEE mains and advanced: class 11 Physics

  • Units And Dimensions: all the concepts of this topic must be addressed.
  • Rotational Movement: focus on the concept of rigid body dynamics.
  • Shm Kinematics: The questions that are asked about this are used to test the understanding of Simple Harmonic Motions, and you can expect about 3 questions from this concept.
  • Newton’s Law of Motion: The application of the three laws of motion must be understood and used effectively to solve the problem.

I hear this books have some good content for class 11 students.


 class 11 Chemistry

  • Chemical Balance: it is necessary to focus on concepts such as the mass law of action, acid and base and the product of solubility.
  • Atomic Structure: The preparation of the atomic structure and the concepts of atomic mass are important. Theories like Thomson, Bohr, and Rutherford should focus.
  • Stoichiometry: focusing on a subject such as a mole and the equivalent concept is very important in class 11.
  • Gaseous State: state of matter, compression factor, and van der Waals equation are important concepts.
  • Chemical Bonding: focus on the notion of periodicity.
  • Organic Chemistry: The basic concepts of organic chemistry in the eleventh standard are generally needed. So do not ignore it and focus on the basics.

This Chemistry book by Arihant Publication is favorite of some of the toppers

Practice Book Chemistry For Jee Main and Advanced 

important topics for JEE Chemistry

We encourage students to complete the three topics mentioned above and to pay special attention to these important topics in grade 11 this will help you gets the maximum number of points in IIT JEE main and advanced. Good luck!

and accuracies to avoid negative signs.
Relax, Do Not Overload Yourself: continuous preparation of JEE Advanced can make you feel stressed. Proper sleeping from 7 to 8 hours a day is necessary to stay focused and continues your hard work. Taking short breaks and short naps also help you stay relaxed, physically and mentally.
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