How To Score High in JEE main and advanced Chemistry?

Important topics for JEE mains
Chemistry is a very precise topic if you prepare yourself with proper planning and devoted hours. To score higher in Chemistry you have to focus on planning then just concepts and application. If you want to get the maximum from the IIT JEE Chemistry Exam, you need to set up a periodic system in memory. You must also be rigorous with formulas and equations. Here are some tips for the JEE main and advanced article on chemistry:

Understand The Basics Of Chemistry:

The key to solving chemical problems is to understand the basic concepts. You cannot think about solving all kinds of problems in chemistry without a solid conceptual basis. Remembering theories and concepts will help you develop troubleshooting skills.

Syllabus and Patterns:

The way to get better grades on any exam depends on your knowledge of the program, the structure of the exams, and the mark allocation. Talk to your teacher and go through previous year papers to know the important topics for JEE mains of Chemistry. In addition, keeping in mind the attribution of mark allocation will give you have a better idea to get a higher grade.

JEE main and advanced : Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry is a branch of chemistry that observes and explains the physical and chemical properties of a substance. To understand it better make flow diagrams. The Important topics for JEE mains in physical and chemistry are concept of mole, energy, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, atomic structure, and chemical bonding, physical chemistry is an important part that covers at least 30-40% of the JEE exams question.
Here Are Some Recommended Books:
JEE main and advanced
JEE main and advanced
JEE main and advanced
JEE main and advanced

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is one of the chief pieces of chemistry and carries a great deal of marks. It could be tricky to keep in mind the structures, reactions, and mechanics, but it is very important to master this part so as to find a fantastic outcome. Some vital topics below this section are general organic chemistry, stereoisomerism, functional class investigation, nomenclature, isomers, aromatic substances, saturated hydrocarbons, alcohols, and many others.
Here Are Some Recommended Books:

Inorganic Chemistry

The questions in the inorganic chemistry section are mostly conceptual, and they relate to applications, processes, and structures. The Important topics for JEE mains to be examined are coordination chemistry, chemical bond, analytical chemistry, periodic system, chemical reactions, and metallurgy.
Here Are Some Recommended Books:

Setting A time Table and Progress Report:

You need a perfect plan to cover Chemistry syllabus and make a progress report.  Study planning allows you to track your progress and solve critical issues much before the exam. It is also important to analyze your progress from time to time to see how they have improved.

Coaching Helps in JEE main and advanced:

While coaching does not guarantee a certain degree of success at the JEE Core Exam, and later the Advanced Exam, it helps you get these essential tips and access the approach of getting better grades in chemistry. In a very competitive competition subject like JEE 1 marks matter a lot.

You need to solve 10 to 15 previous year questions:

Solving previous questions is necessary because it provides more information about the features of JEE main and advanced questions. Sort questions intelligently to pay enough attention to critical issues. Spend at least 3 hours a day on chemistry: practice simulated exams and analyze their accuracy and speed.

Keep A Positive Attitude in JEE main and advanced:

When preparing for an IEE JEE exam, it’s obvious that there is stress. But the challenge is to keep stress and keep the positive state of mind. It is important to stay calm and maintain a positive attitude in order to achieve your goal.
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