How To Study More in Lesser Time For JEE Mains and Advanced

tips to crack JEE mains

I qualified IIT JEE Advanced in 2005. My All India Rank was 2115. I was not very happy about it but it was okay. Now when I look back I can clearly see my mistakes. Then I used to wonder why some students are getting better marks than me when it clearly seems that I am studying harder than them. After teaching almost 10 years I have figured out almost every student ask them self the same question.
 Have You consistently envied any particular a student in your class that generally seems to getting highest marks in HRT’s or Major Tests without studying as you’ve got to servant a way for half of the marks that the friend really does?

Perhaps you have wanted to inquire them to disclose their secrets and techniques? Very well, search no farther! Here I’ve for you some strategies to coach you on just how to look smart, simple really hard.

“How well you perform in your JEE Mains and Advanced depends on your intelligence, preparation, motivation, concentration, test-day jitters and lots of other variables.”

Be Well Prepared-Get Your Things Together

How To Study More in Lesser Time

Just by planning and doing small matters before sitting down to study, these topper students save enough time they are able to spare — thus, it appears as if they don’t really study a lot better.

Just how Frequently Have you lost your Text-book from the pitiful explanation of the cabinet? How frequently has it just happened you lost your notebook or even your pen only whenever you’re going to start your DPP?

I’m rather certain that it occurs far More frequently than you’d enjoy but do not think about as a waste of time. You’ve got to.

It does not require a whole lot to become minimally coordinated — you shouldn’t be keeping your books in every other room of your home, class notes of every subject should be on seprate notebooks,

keep your homework assignments in one place in chronological order.

Consider all of the energy and time you’d save in case you did not possess to run across your house trying to find notebook and assignments!

Totally free your self of some distractions.

Totally free Yourself free from distraction

Sure, most of us possess a couple of matters which divert us from our target of IIT JEE.

For a few it might Become Your telephone — that you can’t help but fiddle on It refresh and refresh the Insta-gram feed to determine whether there’s anything fresh in it, even while others it can function as the television.

You will understand nothing about comedy, but You’re Going to subscribe BB ki Vines directly into the degree of squandering a full weekend watching each and every video again and again.

These really are the joys I’m referring to.

What you could practice, maybe not meticulously, in 6 hours, all these”toppers” would do more in half and sometimes in one-fourth time. Why, you can ask?

Since they do not stay glancing in their telephone, use their Television day or running fantasy of chilling out with close friends!

Once these toppers sit in their studying place, they enter a zone and their only focus is on the concept of whichever subject they are studying !

Thus, a couple hours of concentrated learning is far superior compared to the usual great deal of hours of disturbed studying.


Understand, do not just memorize

Understand Do not Recognize


To get a test like JEE, in which there are scores and scores of thousands of participants, so an individual can not expect you’ll decode it by analyzing in the eleventh hour.

Even though Rote-learning might Aid with recalling a few dates to the History tests, it sure won’t when it comes to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The secret to score higher marks would be always to know the concepts entirely, to question regularly also so are inquisitive and curious in overall. You’d probably begin preparing for that JEE’s a few years ahead of the 12th, of course should you memorise each and everything, it’s highly unlikely that you may remember any of these in coming months or maybe even days down the line.

There can be one habit which just about all JEE, or even some other test, toppers have in common: their own fascination permits them to know that the concepts and thus, application of those concepts gets much easier throughout the preparation and eventually in the paper.

Do not waste your time in classes.

Understand Do not Recognize

Almost everyone of your friends join some kind of coaching class. But I can tell you from experience that a very small fraction of them will crack their target entrance exam. This happens because most of these students join coaching classes to get away from their homes preferably with their friends.

A topper does the opposite. He or she diligently attends all the classes, absorbs everything they explain and actively clear all the doubts either in class or outside the class.

If you’re committing yourself to decode JEE, then become a concentrated student attempting to master not one that’s bent on whiling away time in classes every time possible! Create your JEE textbooks your finest good friends for these two years

Analyze doubts and papers.

Analyze Doubts and papers

The another reason many students score higher without studying more is their habit of spending some time attempting to locate patterns in solving question which work nicely and the ones which do not work in their favor while solving a Major Test or weekly test.

Just about all JEE aspirants have taken a full JEE Mains and JEE Advanced test in their preparation but not a lot of them bother to analyse their performance to find out their mistakes and how to eradicate them — all they do is check their marks and rank and go ahead!

Alternatively, should you spend a while observing the paper that you attempt, you may locate a persistent mistake that you create in a few topics and which is going to provide you the attention for those topics for next couple of days.

This lets the students not to waste their time in thinking about their poor performance, instead they can focus on their weak points and work on it.

I think these “strategies” of students that score nicely are only an issue of focus, analysis and positive state of mind. I am not saying that students need not be smart but also you have to spend your time qualitatively not by the hours.

Therefore, If You’re procrastinating overly far and becoming unsuccessful, Change your mindset. It isn’t very late!

  Other than these tips, I am recommending “Hidden Secrets of the Topper’s Mind”

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