IIT JEE preparation tips : Best Books For JEE

IIT JEE preparation tips
The first question that pops up in the minds of all JEE main and advanced aspirants: which books to solve? Pretty naive question (you’ll notice after passing the exam) 😛 . Do not worry; I am here to guide you all for this IIT JEE preparation tips.
You can also browse the Recommended Book section 🙂
The answer is subjective and varies from person to person. But let me tell you that basically, all the books of high quality and value on the market are good (there are some non sense books also and avoid them).
I will mention a lot of books. Do not feel overwhelmed to see him. Most do not study them all. Some books are good for theory, others for problems and some books are used for specific topics. I will mention alternatives to books. You can also buy them. I will secure the pros and cons as much as possible.
I have done a lot of research for IIT JEE preparation tips on the web to find the latest and best book publications. For your convenience, I have also included links to books so you can buy them directly instead of wasting time looking for them (time is precious!). Just click on the link and you will see the correct version.


Must have books-
1. JEE main and advancedHC Verma – A God book on JEE Physics. A must do it for everyone. Read the theory and solve the questions as much as possible. If you want to buy this book, it’s here.
2.IIT JEE preparation tips  NCERT – the others must have. Reading NCERT will help you solve the theoretical problems of the Paper and help you to crack JEE (Main). This will also give you an edge on the board exam. See also the links below for four books (read both sections 11 and 12).
3. Previous Year Question Bank: Buy Previous Year Question book of every subject and solve it cover to cover.
For more exercise (and must have for those who do not attend any coaching) –
1. IIT JEE preparation tipsArihant Physics Series – This is an incredible source of quality problems and a must have for students who are serious learners and hard workers. This will help you clarify all the concepts learned in coaching. Coaching Student can use it as additional practice. This is what students need to solve if you want to crack JEE (Advanced). These books have very good problems and theory.
2. Cengage Series – This is an equally good series. I did not use it personally, but I heard it was good. You can use it as an alternative to Arihant (avoid both, it will be confusing) if your teachers/friends speak or attach importance to it. Like a wish.

High-ranking books / Olympiads


I. Irodov: You have to solve this problem if you aspire for the first 100 Olympic Games (as mentioned above).
Resnick Halliday Krane – mainly for the Olympiads, but has great theories and problems. The step above HCV.
For More Olympiad books you can read here

IIT JEE preparation tips for MATHEMATICS

Fortunately, I think that mathematics does not need a lot of books, so I will list them directly instead of classifying them. Therefore, the basic training book for students is simply NCERT and previous year papers. To be honest, NCERT does not solve the purpose of JEE Advanced, but you can read it for certain JEE (Main) topics or Board Exam. Simply solve your coaching problems (or follow the next step if you are not satisfied or are looking for more).
So, you can choose between Arihant Skill in mathematics or Cengage series by G. Tewani. Both have good questions, but I’ve found Arihant good. I have solved them and have very good questions.
For additional practice, you can opt for A Das Gupta (especially for students in grade 11) for JEE main and advanced.
You can go to the Olympiads page for Olympiad page.

IIT JEE preparation tips for CHEMISTRY

Again, as well as mathematics, chemistry is best learned in Coaching Classes. If you do not attend any Coaching Classes You’d better try to get yourself notes from a good coaching. However, for the boys who are studying, I suggest you look for popular books on the subject, such as those below, for theory.
There is no book of physical chemistry for the theory I know, but you can choose P. Bahadur for problems. I mentioned some additional books below as IIT JEE preparation tips, which I heard well (mostly books from foreign authors). You can follow the Cengage or Arihant series if you are learning it yourself, but I think that students have access to vouchers. The training material should avoid theoretical books.
In addition, NCERT is very important for the chemistry section. Take a good look at NCERT. It’s very important. Remember everything in NCERT.
There are countless books available. But not all books are good. I recommended only books that I personally found or heard from only authentic person about their quality. I’ve missed many good books like RC Mukherjee , mostly because I do not want to confuse them, guys. It’s easy to get lost. Read the description I mentioned at the starting too many books too bad
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I hope it helps.

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