IIT JEE Preparation tips : Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering IIT JEE Preparation Tips
IIT JEE Preparation tips: Have you ever wondered what chemical engineers do?
Let me give you a list
1.Drinking or potable water
2.Petrol or gasoline (and other fuels including diesel)
4.Electricity generation (from fossil fuels)
9.Electricity generation (from non-fossil fuels)
10.Dosed medications (such as tablets, pills and capsules)
Can you even imagine the life without any of the above inventions?
You can not! And all these are product of chemical engineering.
IIT JEE Preparation tips : A career in chemical engineering doesn’t mean you have to be a chemist. Chemical engineering is so much more than chemistry. This discipline grew out of mechanical engineering to focus on the chemical industries.
If you enjoy chemistry, physics, and math, chemical engineer is an exciting career for you.
Would you like to design a reactor, an industrial plant or control methods for an industrial plant? Would you like to contribute to protecting the environment?
You can do all in Chemical Engineering.
Chemical engineering is challenging. Every product we use on a daily basis, like pens, toothbrushes or petrol, are created in some part, thanks to chemical engineers. A chemical engineer is involved in transforming one thing into another.
Studies in chemical engineering will provide you with technical and analytical abilities.
You’ll study chemistry, mathematics, physics, engineering, production and processing, technology, computers, electronics, machines, and mechanics.

What are the skills required to be an chemical engineer?

To be a great chemical engineer, you’ll need:
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Technical and practical aptitude
  • The ability to analyze
  • Accuracy and an eye for detail
  • Logic and reasoning in approaching problems
  • The ability to work with very strict safety standards.
If you do not have all the above qualities, do not worry. You may have some of these qualities and the rest you will learn during Engineering.
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Total Number Of Seats and Cut Off For Chemical Engineering

IIT Total Seats General O R General C R
Bombay (B.Tech) 124+0 653 1721
Delhi (B.Tech+M.Tech) 75+45 1141/1864 1874/3261
Kharagpur (B.Tech+M.Tech) 52+27 2285/3017 3263/3759
Hyderabad (B.Tech) 30+0 3829 5921
Kanpur (B.Tech) 77 1833 3171
Madras (B.Tech+Mtech) 73+18 1582/2341 2655/3425
Gandhinagar (B.Tech) 30 4219 6180
Patna* (B.Tech) 25 6525 8746
Roorkee (B.Tech) 110 2470 3966
ISM Dhanbad 40 5943 8360
BHU (B.Tech) 119 4116 6272
Guwahati (B.Tech) 70 3015 4890
Guwahati (B.Tech)* 45 4815 7089
Ropar 25 5625 7931

* = Chemical Sciences and Technology

NIT Total Seats OR CR
Jalandhar 42(HS)/42(OS) 26K/5.5K 67k/29k
Jaipur 46(HS)/46(OS) 9.5k/11.7k 19.7k/24k
Bhopal 31(HS)/31(OS) 17.3k/13.7k 25.5k/24.4k
Allahabad 23(HS)/23(OS) 10.7k/9.6k 26.4k/30.9k
Agartala 30(HS)/30(OS) 14.4k/21.2k 34k/26.8k
Calicut 47(HS)/46(OS) 11.9k/11k 29.2k/29.5k
Durgapur 30(HS)/30(OS) 18.7k/17k 42.7k/39.4k
Hamirpur 30(HS)/30(OS) 51.8k/15k 88.5k/28.7k
Surathkal 23(HS)/23(OS) 6.4k/6.5k 19k/13.5k
Raipur 32(HS)/30(OS) 39k/19.6k 78k/29.483
Arunachal 10(HS)/10(OS) 114k/13.4k 141k/38k
Rourkela 25(HS)/25(OS) 15.2k/9.9k 24k/16k
Srinagar 37(HS)/39(OS) 36.6k/17k 218k/4k
Tiruchir. 31(HS)/31(OS) 9.5k/5.9k 17k/10.5k
Warangal 46(HS)/46(OS) 12.5k/9k 16.3k/14.2k
Surat 46(HS)/46(OS) 5.6k/11.4k 24k/21.5k
Nagpur 46(HS)/46(OS) 10.5k/12.8k 23.3k/21.7k
Andhra 15(HS)/15(OS) 23k/20k 33.8k/32.6k


BIT Ranchi 26(HS)/30(OS) 24.8k/11.3k 49.7k/30.2k
Guru Ghasidaas 60(AI) 28.3k 57k
Sant Longowal 26(AI) 30.3k 56.9k


Pilani 280
Hyderabad 257
Goa 260

Expected Salary

Salaries for chemical engineers in India depend a great deal of what type of industry you go to work for. An entry-level chemical engineer may earn from Rs. 50,000 to 75,000 a month in oil or gas, while in the fertilizer industry, he or she may earn Rs. 30,000 to 60,000 per month.
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The chemical, pharmaceutical or manufacturing industries may offer Rs. 20,000 to 50,000 a month.
Experienced engineers may earn from Rs. 62,000 per month to 2 lakh per month.
Highest package from IITs is around 25 lakh. In 2013 a student form IIIT BHU got a package of 65 lakh!
Field Of Job
Job opportunities for chemical engineers are noteworthy. They are flexible and employable. As a chemical engineer, you could work in any of the following industries:
  • Food
  • Plastic and polymer
  • Vegetable oil
  • Petroleum refining
  • Paper
  • Automobile (paint or engine design)
  • Cosmetics
  • Fertilizers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Design (industrial plants, reactors, heat exchange, pipelines, etc.)
  • Energy recovery from waste
  • Waste and water treatment
  • Recycling

Higher Studies

If you hope to persue M.Tech in Chemical Engineering you can take GATE administered by IISc.
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Total Seats in IIT’s = 277
Total Seats in NIT’s = 379
Cut Off = 34.4/100 (General)
Number Of Candidates Appeared in 2019 = 20,000
Many government industries use the GATE score to choose their future employees. They can offer upto 16L-20L per month.
The GATE score has a validity of two years.
A Masters degree is not necessary for a career as a chemical engineer. A Masters may give you a slight salary increase. The biggest advantage is deepening your knowledge about your chosen field. But if you prefer to teach, a Masters degree would be the least educational preparation.
You can also persue MS or PhD in foreign Univesrities like MIT and Caltech or Cambridge University.

Research Frontiers in Chemical Engineering.

Remember the times when you asked a doubt from your chemistry teacher and he asked you to shut up. You will not have to face such problem in future. There are plenty of fields in Chemistry to research.

Reaction Engineering

  • Reduction Of Activation Energy
  • Harnessing Photosynthesis to convert solar energy and CO2 into glucose
  • Understand and optimize mass and energy transfer


  • invasive sensors to control blood pressure, blood lipid concentrations and heart rate
  • Bio technologies and improved bio materials for organ regeneration


  • Low cost energy is key to improve living standards of people in less developed nations
  • Cost-effective storage of solar energy.

Civil Services

The civil service exam or I.A.S. is also a possibility. This exam requires much preparation. All engineering graduates, regardless of the discipline, have an advantage because they are accustomed to studying and working with vast quantities of information.
Some of the topper in Civil Services Exam from Chemical Engineering
Shruti Jayant Desmukh – AIR 5 (2018)- Rajiv Gandhi Technology College Bhopal
Ayush Sinha – AIR 7 (2017) – BITS Pilani

Billionaire Chemical Engineers

Charles Koch (masters in Chemical Engineering) is said to be worth 46.3 Billion dollars.
David H Koch (masters in Chemical Engineering) is also evaluated to have a fortune of $46.3 Billion dollars
Chemical engineers design, create and perfect systems used in biological, chemical, environmental and industrial processes. They have an important role in ensuring that industries are more efficient, cleaner and above all safer.


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