IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Food Technology

IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Food Technology
Knowing about every Engineering Branch is also very important IIT JEE Preparation Tips. A career in food technology will allow you to take part in planet earth’s survival. Food technologists perform food science research to benefit agriculture. But they also do research to improve the production, processing, storage, and transport of food products. In some cases, food technologists work in development laboratories for food companies. 
The food processing industry is valued at US$258 billion, and is the fifth largest industry production, consumption, export, and expected growth.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Working Area

Other career opportunities for food technologists may include employment for:
  • Food production suppliers
  • Manufacturers of food equipment
  • The government
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Catering Services
  • Food Retailers
  • Food Wholesalers
  • Food Packaging industries
You may have to visit laboratories, farms or food processing plants in this career.
To begin your path to a career in food technology, you will need to earn a university degree in food science. But, degrees in agricultural science, biology, chemistry, or nutrition will also allow you to work in this field.
IIT JEE Preparation Tips : BITSAT Cut – Off

IIT JEE Preparation Tips : What you will study in Food Technology?

You will have to study courses related to biology, chemistry and statistics in Food Tech. You may also take courses like food composition, food microbiology and food quality. Students should expect to take courses that need laboratory work and conducting experiments.
While a bachelor’s degree will get you a job, many food technologists decide to earn a graduate degree. Graduate school may offer more opportunities for research experience with some programs offering a specific area of study. These areas might include dairy science or sensory evaluation.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Job Profile Of Food Technologists

Some employment positions for food technologists include:
  • Food processing operator
  • Food Handler
  • Organic chemist
  • Food inspector
  • Research scientist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Machinery inspector

IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Cut Off For IIT, NIT and GFTI

Not many colleges offer Food Technology. Which means if you enter this department you will have less competition and more job opportunity.























IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Salary Offered

Salaries for food technologists in India vary depending on your experience. An entry-level food technologist may earn approximately Rs. 40,000 a month. These salaries may increase for a selection point food technologist to Rs. 50,000 per month while a mid-consultancy technologist may earn well over Rs. 100,000 monthly. This is a sector that is in expansion with a consistent demand for qualified personnel.
Job provider companies are PepsiCo, Glaxo-SmithKline (GSK), Mapro Foods, Dabur, Parle, Nestlé, Frito-Lay, and Haldiram’s.
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IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Higher Studies and Competition

If you hope to take the Graduate Aptitude Test in Food Technology (GATE) administered by the Indian Institute of Science, you will need to study and practice for this exam. Get a copy of the GATE Food Technology Syllabus and use the most recommended GATE books for Food Technology to prepare. The GATE score has a validity of two years.
You can also persue for MS and Ph.D in Robotcs, Computational Linguistics ( A part of Computer Science) and Financial Engineering Application. It means you do not have to remain in Food Technology you can change your stream in Higher Studies.
If you hope to aim for the civil service exam or I.A.S., this is a possibility for food technology students. This exam is one of the most difficult in the world. A bachelor’s degree from any university will make you eligible to apply for the exam.

IIT JEE Preparation Tips : Billionaires In Food Technology

Michele Ferrero : He is an Italian Choclate maker. His total wealth in 2014 was 26.7 billion.
Aliko Dangote : Richest African, He started his buisness empire by making Pasta, Sugar. His net worth is more than 20.6 billion.
As a professional food engineer, you may be able to invent new food products and processes. You can contribute to a vast array of products in the food and beverage industry. This profession is so very important to the future of planet earth and the species that inhabit it.

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