IIT JEE preparation tips for Calculus. What you should know.

IIT JEE preparation tips

This article will be one of the very important IIT JEE preparation tips. It is Calculus.
Calculus continued to be my favorite subject in JEE. This is the best, the most logical and the most beautiful topic for me. This subject has it her beauty. It is a mixture of everything: coordinates of geometry, algebra, vector, and the rest. And this is the fact why I am interested in the calculus. It’s extremely important from the point of engineering.
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Here is the syllabus of the Calculus Syllabus defined by IIT JEE


It creates the foundation of calculus. Understand this concept well; otherwise learning Calculus will become very difficult for you. The most common questions are:

  • Find a domain and range for a particular Function: students here make some very silly mistake
  • Understanding one-one and onto function.
  • Drawing the graph and find the number of intersections of two or more functions


To study this chapter, learn drawing graphs. This will help you a lot.
Practice more problems with finding a domain/domain. There are few tips such as:

  • No negative number inside the square root.
  • There is no division to zero
  • Never put zero or any negative number in the logarithmic
  • Base of log is not equal to 1 or zero or negative.


You hope to know these basic terms. It is a good practice to check the answer for available options.

Limits :

the most important part. The whole calculus is based on the chapter limit. Mastering this Chapter is very important. Use it as much as you can. You can also try to learn the expansion series, but I could not avoid it because most of the problem with the expansion can be solved if you know the rules and practiced them rigorously. That is why I never needed expansion. However, it is recommended not to forget the exponential and logarithmic series.
The questions in this chapter are usually simple and easy. All you have to do is start from zero upon zero or infinite upon infinite form to an appropriate value. Most of the questions will be solved using  L’hospital rule.
I should also mention that there will be a lot of variety.

IIT JEE preparation tips for Continuity:

Another important Chapter. Questions in this chapter can be solved if you accurately and quickly draw graph of the function. Continuous Chapter have many interesting and important functions, such as greatest integer function, signum  etc. Understand and apply them.

Differentiation : 

one of the simplest chapters. It does not take much effort. Learn to distinguish: division rules, product rules, chain rule, implicit differentiation, exponential and logarithmic differentiation, a higher level of derivatives. Practice enough questions.

Application Of Derivatives :

the most important chapter because most of the questions relate to this subject. Rolle’s sentence, Lagrange’s Mean Value theorem(LMVT), the concept of maxima & minima, increasing and decreasing functions, inflection points, and so on.

They are really important. Answer all questions from these topics. Prepare to see the most JEE problems on this topic. If you are weak, do something about it before you have problems. Basically, this is a mixture of all the previous chapters in calculus, and JEE is the application of concepts.

IIT JEE preparation tips for Integration:

a very simple chapter but you will not find many questions about integrals IIT JEE. There are several formula for memory in this chapter. Formulas are very important because it will save you a lot of time in the exam.

Definite integrals:

the most important chapter of the integral calculus. There are many questions in this chapter. The majority of questions are based on the properties of definite integrals, and not just the calculation of limits on Indefinite Integration.
Practice enough questions on this topic.

Differential equations:

a fairly simple and interesting chapter. Do a lot of practice. And do not forget the formulas they are really important. You will learn different methods to solve standard differential equations and discover the application topic.

IIT JEE preparation tips – Books for Calculus:

There are so many books are available for Calculus in the market. I am going to list a few of them.

Skills in Mathematics – Integral Calculus

IIT JEE preparation tips

Skills in Mathematics – Differential Calculus

Calculus : Cenggage Publication

IIT JEE preparation tips

Skills in Mathematics – Play with Graphs

Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron

A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis G.N. Berman


The last word:

the bill needs a lot of filling. It is necessary to recall a number of standard methods and techniques. Formulas are not available in the exam. You just need to understand them at home, and then learn from the heart.
Practice several problems, most important chapters are application of derivative and definite integration. These are popular topics and there will be questions from these chapters in exam. You cannot lose points in the calculation because this is one of the simplest topics.
Enjoy your studies. Keep reading my blog for more IIT JEE preparation tips.

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