IIT JEE preparation tips for Electromagnetism

IIT JEE preparation tips
Hello guys! These IIT JEE preparation tips is for every student in grade 12th (but I also recommend for grade 11 students, this will help you as a guide in the future).
Electrostatic is the very first chapter. It is the combination of Potentials, Coulomb’s law, Gaussian law, blah, blah, blah. Do not worry; I will explain this chapter one by one as the best IIT JEE preparation tips.
Vectors and Mechanics are two pre-requisites for this chapter. It means you must know these chapters well to master in Electrostatic. For more explanation on Mechanics click here, but if you’re done with it you won’t encounter many problems in Coulomb’s law, which means you have complete command in this section. Do not confuse yourself in Potential(V) and Electrostatics Field (E). Make sure you clear knowledge about the formula V and E of different configurations with their direction, after that, follows the Gaussian law. It’s very important. You have to practice a lot to remember certain results and derivations.
Properties of conductor need special attention and remembering. Read some good book theory like HCV. The capacitor is another important concept. It is advisable for everyone to be clear with charging transfer, serial/parallel connections, etc. Electrostatics in the matter is another important concept. Questions regarding free charge are very important but many students ignore them. It is recommended to read the theory and solve many problems.
After that comes the electric current. KVL, KCL, Ohm’s law, series/parallel and everything about begins with a discussion about current conduct, electrons, drift velocity, basic currents, and so on. It does not very matter, but you need to remember all the formulas here remember this IIT JEE preparation tips. After that come the analysis of circuit which is also very important. Try and answer all the questions about KVL and KCL. The equivalent calculation of resistance must be close to you. Study and practice all the symmetry questions in this section. They are frequent and very simple to solve. This chapter contains fewer formulas and more depends on solving the problem.
After that comes the magnetism. You need to have a clear understanding of currents and electrostatic for it. Magnetism and Electrostatic have lot of similarities. This chapter has so many different formulas and derivation, remember them.
Do not forget the Ampere’s law. Answer a lot of questions and try out some derivations (solenoid, wire, etc.) question. The direction is very important. Do not miss that at all. The one of the IIT JEE preparation tips is combination of Electrostatic and Magnetism is asked in exam. Therefore find such questions and practice them. Make sure you understand the division of components, vectors, etc., which is widely used here.
Electromagnetic induction is very simple. But it has a good weighing because it includes both current and magnetism, a practical question that is based on calculating currents with the direction in different situations. This will help you simultaneously understand  KVL, Magnetism, and EMI at all time.
Then there are JEE advanced preparation topics such as electromagnetic waves, Maxwell equations, and so on. All you need to do is to study NCERT very well. And practice some of the previous questions from JEE (Main) and you’re ready.
Some of the best books you really need to have are NCERT and HCV. H C Verma book can be your reference book and if you do not go to a coaching Institute you can use it as Coaching Material. If you need more books to study, Arihant’s book for electromagnetism is also the best in the market. Irodov is the last thing you need if you wish to rank among the top 100 or target the Olympiads. But this book should be used when your are done with most of the easy and medium level question from other sources.
Here you can purchase the books at a good price (I checked them all and checked their version also they are the best). You can purchase these books using these links
This is Electromagnetism. I hope I covered every chapter and everything about this topic. Comment on any suspicion/suggestion. Follow my websites by submitting your email id. I’ll post a lot in the next few days. Stay with us!
Wish you all the best!!!

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