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IIT JEE preparation tips

When Is The Right Time To Start Preparing For IIT JEE?

Personally, I would say that a child can start preparing for the JEE main and advanced. from standard 8. I believe at the beginning of youth you can really learn a lot, because at that moment you can really create a your approach to troubleshooting. In the beginning, it is always better to go to coaching or start competitive exam preparation on your own because you do not learn much to solve problems at school leave alone the IIT JEE preparation tips. I think if you learn to think you can solve any problem.

It’s wise to start preparing for competition at early stage. A child does not have to go to a coaching classes because teachers and parents can help them learn to solve problems at home. Getting top rank is not everything, it is important to teach children how to solve problems.

What Are The Areas Where Students Are Difficult To Prepare For JEE main and advanced?

Here is very imortant IIT JEE preparation tips – Mathematics is the first when you solve a mathematical problem, you have to think. When you solve the problem of physics, it’s not that you do not think, but physics is nature. Mathematics is an approach that everyone should use and it is rightly said that “Mathematics is the queen of science”. Mathematics is the first area in which you will get an appropriate approach along with physics. Since physics is nature, it is just common sense, since everything is in nature accessible, the child must only conclude the right way.

Chemistry, on the other hand, can be started from the 10th standard. Initially, your mathematics and physics should start in grade 9 & start Mathematics in Class 8. However, most students believe chemistry is difficult. It is always best to start with mathematics in order to enable them to solve problems and to use a methodology of problem-solving and common sense to solve physical problems and, finally, for the analysis of chemistry.

How Should Students Prepare For Physics, Chemistry, And Mathematics?

Every student must begin to learn Physics by knowing the concepts. They must first know the idea of different phenomenon in Physics. Mathematics is another area in which the concepts need to be strengthened. I asked several students: What is the basis of Pythagoras’ theorem? I think that many of them have no answer to that. When a student does not respond, he says he does learned the “basis” in class. Students should not rely solely on classroom lessons, but also learn a common sense to solve the problem. Children are not used to thinking.

I have many examples of this kind in physics and mathematics. In chemistry, you do not have to use too much common sense. We do not have an approach that manages chemistry as such. A child should, therefore, begin early in physics and mathematics in order to strengthen his fundamentals. Remember this IIT JEE preparation tips. It is important to encourage students to learn to think and apply a problem-solving approach.

IIT JEE preparation tips : Mathematics For Beginners


What Are The Benefits Of Online Coaching?

People often feel that online coaching is a disadvantage because you can see teacher sitting next to you, but you can feel it when you see it on the screen. Whenever I have taken online coaching courses, as a teacher, I paid special attention to each student. I can answer every one, but leave the impression that I can talk to the student individually.

I see another benefit in online coaching, where all types of students are present, it is not only individual interaction but also multiple interactions (many students with a teacher). When the teacher explains to everyone, and somewhere in the crowd, there may be Einstein or better, so other children have the opportunity to hear such a thing. The most important thing for an online course is that you can attend while staying comfortable at home. Unlike the usual classes of 40 to 60 students, you feel lost in the ocean of students. I think that in the coming years, online training can go even beyond the kind of personalized classes.

IIT JEE preparation tips : Inorganic Chemistry

How Can An Intensive Course Help Students Prepare For JEE?

An intensive course is the revision of what the child has learned in recent years. Here, in 3 or 4 months, collect all the concepts and review what is needed. If something is learned two years ago, there is a tendency to forget, unless your concepts are very clear. But only a few months before the exam, if I am reinforcing these ideas, just turn on the fire again, doing at the end of those 3 or 4 months: the fire begins to motivate you. When you use it and go to the examination room in JEE main and advanced, everything is hot and fresh. When I go to Crash Course, it’s the main thing I’ll see: all concepts are available, I know it’s all there, I’m sure I can do it!

I recommend this intensive course of 2 to 3 months, which reviews and opens what has been closed in recent months. It can be classified as a session to clarify doubts. And something that is forgotten may not be revised in previous days, it’s revised in this course.

IIT JEE preparation tips : Organic Chemistry

What Kind Of Preparation Strategy Should Students Follow And What To Avoid?

I would personally say that the student follows the problem approach. You must avoid mugging and attack on the problem-solving process. You should be able to think about why, what, when, where, and answer clearly in your head.

Why should this approach be followed? When this approach is used, not the other one? These are things that students should be able to think, strengthen and go to the examination room. Personally, I think I could say that I can solve any problem by mugging the questionnaires of the last 10 to 20 years. May be you can qualify JEE main and advanced, but it will not be a big help. The next four years in IIT are the most important moment of your life. Not only is it important to pass JEE and enter the IIT because you should be able to continue with what’s taught in IIT. And in IIT’s mugging up is not going to help you very much.

IIT JEE preparation tips : Best Books For IIT JEE

I would say that you have to try to avoid the mug up process, approach and procedures, understand the concepts and do it. There are number of students who pass on admission exams for JEE main and advanced, CET and even GRE. I have 4th-grade students whose parents are now requesting to train a child at IIT. But at this point, he/she will not be able to understand it.

It is always best to ask a child to solve this year’s problems until they realize that there is something that can be learned outside of what is taught in class. This happens only when the child at the end of the eighth standard, of the 9th standard, the child is fully prepared. All the things that are taught in Standards 7 and 8 are now beginning to develop and polish in order to cope with more challenges. When the child reaches the 12th standard, the child is fully prepared to Crack the JEE test.

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