Information Technology : Make your own e-commerce Site

JEE main and advanced Information Technology
You probably did not knew in your JEE main and advanced preparation but
Information technology is a changing and evolving industry. May be one day You can build your own e-commerce company like Amazon or flipkart using Information Technology.
Information Technology promises a vast array of professional opportunities just like Industry and Production Engineering.

Field of job

If you love computers, this is the career for you. Whether you prefer to work in software, internet or support, this sector offers many opportunities. Information Technology overlaps into about every industry today. The possibilities are endless. You might work in:
  • Agriculture
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Transportation
and much more. This is not a static industry. Professionals are in high demand with considerable earning potential.
At the heart of advances made in computer and communications, is a demand for the information. Information Technology drives the information structure used on a global scale. Apps, Computer software, Databases, Websites all are parts of an interconnected information system. Information technology is the use of computing to develop, manage and transform information.

 You may work as 

Careers include:
  • Creation, Design, and programming
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Information Technology or database Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Consultant

what you will study in college?

If you choose a career in Information Technology, for entry-level positions you will need a Bachelor’s degree. The degree in IT will focus on communications and business in computing. It also focuses on the study of information science and management. On other hand if you will get computer science after JEE main and advanced exam you may focus more on the scientific aspects of computing. Other degrees to work in this field include a Bachelor in Computer Applications or a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering.
In college, you will focus on the fundamentals of computer-based systems, computer networks, Database Management and e-commerce.
You can continue your studies to get a Masters degree such as M. Tech, a Masters in Computer Applications, a Master of Science in Computer Engineering or a Masters in Systems Management.
Computer Science Branch give emphasis to the development of software by using different programming tools and hardware aspect, While Information Technology focuses on which software tool must be selected to complete a particular task. IT is mostly the application part of CS, Where as CS give emphasis on the Algorithmic part of computer sciences with the knowledge of hardware.

higher studies and competition

For those taking the GATE exam administered by the IISc Bangalore, is important to get the syllabus for Computer Science and Information Technology to help you prepare for the exam. This syllabus is completely different from JEE main and advanced.
You can study for M.Tech from Computer Science even if you have done B.Tech from Information Technology.
The I.A.S. or civil service exam is another option open to IT professionals with a desire to serve the public. It is a difficult exam requiring lengthy preparation.

Average Salary

Monthly salaries in IIIT’s can average from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 on upward as an entry-level employee or new graduate. Established professionals can earn well over a million .
If you want in-demand career that pays well and where your work can make a difference to millions of people globally, consider IT.
If you want to work in a cutting-edge industry where innovation and overcoming boundaries is a daily occurrence, then information technology may be for you.
Over the next decade cyber-security, cloud computing, systems design, mobile networking, data management, and healthcare IT will expand, increasing the demand for new IT professionals.
This sector offers possibilities for job growth, job diversity, and strong compensation packages.

Cut Off For NIT’s, IIIT’s and GFTI’s

You can go to following colleges through JEE main and advanced exam.
NIT HS/OS (Total Seats) HS/OS – OR HS/OS – CR
Jalandhar 15/15 12.2k/8.1k 14k/8.1k
Allahabad 46/45 3.9k/3.1k 5.3k/4.7k
Surathkal 47/46 3.2k/1.5k 6.7k/3.1k
Raipur 46/46 22.7k/9.3k 32.7k/11.9k
Kurukshetra 46/46 5.8k/5.8k 8.3k/7.6k
Srinagar 32/30 36.4k/11.5k 64k/24k
IIIT AI (Total Seats) All India HS/OS – CR
Sonepat 30 17.4k 20.5k
Una 40 20.4k 26k
Vadodara 40 15k 24k
Allahabad 200 1.2k 4.7k
Lucknow 75 5.3k 20k
Bhopal 60 17.4k 24.4k
GFTI HS/OS (Total Seats) HS/OS – OR HS/OS – CR
BIT Mesra 26/30 12k/9k 14.8k/10.5k
Ghasidas 60 26k 36k
Mizoram University 15 32k 37k
Shibpur 37/37 12.7k/10k 17.5k/13.6k
HNB Garhwal 15 26k 36k
Bhubaneshwar 30 8.7k 23k

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