Into the Future through Computer Science

Computer Science JEE Advanced Preparation

JEE advanced preparation is very different from Boards. But it is worth it if you want to do Engineering from Computer Science. And on top of that if you want to do it from best college of India.

what computer engineers do?

Computer scientists are the experts responsible for software. Everyone already knows the importance of software systems in today’s technologically oriented world. They develop theories, then design the software programs and applications to facilitate many aspects of our daily life.

what COMPUTER engineers study?

Future computer scientists will study computer systems, networks, artificial intelligence. But this is not it you will be studying computing theory, programming languages, bioinformatics software, numerical analysis and more. This exciting area of engineering is at the forefront of literally any and all future technological advances.

In JEE advanced preparation you study a lot of abstract topic like Complex number etc. In Computer Science you will do abstract design. Abstract design can determine what computers can do and which problems they can solve. But in my opinion Computer Science would be really useful when it can be used in our daily life.

who should do computer engineering?

If you enjoy creating original tech solutions go for it. If you possess strong analytical, critical, problem-solving skills, the branch is yours. Do you want  to turn an idea into reality? Computer science may be the field for you.

Resilience is a must for JEE advanced preparation is must. Similarly, It is also required for computer scientists.  To some students Computer science and problem-solving may seem straightforward. However, this field requires a great deal of creativity in order to arrive at tomorrow’s most innovative solutions.

starting salary and field of job

Once you’ve graduated and entered the industry, monthly salaries can average from Rs.70,000 to Rs.800,000. Although this may be true for students of IIIT, IIT and NIT.

After you have acquired a few years of experience, monthly salaries can start at Rs.100,000 and arrive at over Rs.200,000 a month. Basically you will get what you dreamed during your JEE advanced preparation. There are many areas available for employment, including programming, development, or business consulting. Financial Services, Manufacturing or even the Real Estate are among others.

higher studies

In a core job, you’ll be applying the basics of your education. You can decide to continue to higher education with a high-quality Masters degree that will normally take two years to complete. A Master’s degree can help you find employment in a Research & Development division in any number of industry-leading organizations. You can also decide if you wish to pursue a Ph.D. for an eventual faculty position in a major University in India or abroad.

You may consider taking the GATE administered by the IISc Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology. Many public sector industries such as the Indian Oil Corporation or the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre use the GATE score to select their candidates. The GATE score is valid for two years. Those who succeed may enter Masters Programs or obtain Junior Research Fellowships. This is an important exam. But you have to prepare like JEE advanced preparation.

competitive exam

The I.A.S. or civil service exam is exceptionally arduous and requires a year of study preparation. Computer science graduates will definitely have an advantage because they are well disciplined in studying a vast quantity of information. They have developed good self-study habits, and are accustomed to a high-pressure competitive environment. Because during your JEE advanced preparation you must be a hard worker to get into Computer Science. They have developed important reasoning skills.

Computer science has a bright future. So many industries and services are now rooted in technology. Whether considering transportation, food and goods production, or medical diseases and cures. There will be a melding of information and industrial technology to better life for the future. Computer scientists will have a leading role in guiding our planet and people into tomorrow.

cut off for iit, nit, iiit and gfti

Bhubaneswar (B.Tech) 1.4k 2k
Bhubaneswar (M.Tech) 2.3k 2.7k
Bombay 1 59
Mandi 1.4k 2.7k
Delhi 3 100
Delhi (M.Tech) 101 169
Indore 806 1.2k
Kharagpur 92 272
Kharagpur (M.Tech) 272 425
Hyderabad 445 777
Jodhpur 2k 3k
Kanpur 103 213
Madras 51 200
Gandhinagar 958 1.4k
Patna 999 2.7k
Roorkee 278 416
Dhanbad 1.1k 2.9k
Dhanbad (M.Tech) 2.8k 3.2k
Ropar 1.3k 2k
Varanasi 527 6.7k
Varanasi (M. Tech) 922 1k
Guwahati 333 554
Bhilai 3.7k 7.1k
Goa 2.9k 4k
Palakkad 3.2k 4.9k
Tirupati 2.8k 3.8k
Jammu 3.1k 5.4k
Dharwad 2.6k 4.9k
Jalandhar 6.1k/5.5k 12.3k/9.2k
Jaipur 1.6k/2k 4.3k/4.8k
Bhopal 4.6k/4.1k 9.5k/6.8k
Allahabad 1.5k/1.5k 4.4k/3.5k
Agartala 5.3k/5.6k 79k/19.2k
Calicut 1.6k/1.7k 8.4k/4.8k
Delhi 1.5k/1.6k 12.6k/5.9k
Durgapur 1.6k/4.3k 15.5k/8.5k
Goa 17k/3k 23k/10k
Hamirpur 7.4k/5.2k 30.4k/9.7k
Hamirpur (M.Tech) 27.2k/6.4k 48k/13.5k
Surathkal 928/278 3.9k/1.7k
Meghalaya 25.6k/13.6k 25.6k/22.3k
Nagaland /16.6k /26k
Patna 9.1k/8.2k 18.3k/14.8k
Puducherry 30k/7.8k 114k/13.6k
Raipur 11.5k/4.8k 24.2k/10.7k
Sikkim 68k/14.3k 770k/26.4k
Arunachal Pradesh 31.7k/12.3k 43k/23k
Jamshedpur 5.8k/4.8k 12.5k/9.1k
Kurukshetra 4.1k/4.6k 6.4k/6.7k
Manipur 75k/11k 476k/26.6k
Mizoram 167k/19k 893k/27.5k
Rourkela 4.2k/921 8.5k/3.5k
Silchar 8.6k/3.2k 29.6k/13.5k
Srinagar 24.7k/9k 49.4k/28.1k
Tiruchirappali 982/227 4k/1k
Uttarakhand 12.6k/7.2k 27.6k/15.7k
Warangal 1.4k/685 2.9k/1.7k
Surat 1.8k/3.5k 7.3k/5.9k
Nagpur 1.5k/1.6k 7.2k/4.9k
Andhra Pradesh 8.8k/5.2k 18.3k/16.2k
Gwalior 3k 11.1k
Kota 7.4k 25k
Guwahati 1.5k 25.2k
Kalyani 18k 35.7k
Sonepat 12.2k 20.6k
Una 14.4k 29k
Sri City 6.6k 22.5k
Vadodara 3.6k 29.5k
Kancheepuram 8k 15.3k
Jabalpuram 8.7k 15.8k
Manipur 24.3k 40k
Tiruchairappali 5.7k 20k
Dharwad 9.2k 34.6k
Kurnool 13k 33.8k
Kottayam 3.3k 33.5k
Ranchi 19.4k 34k
Nagpur 5.5k 32.4k
Pune 5.6k 22.4k
Bhagalpur 22.3k 38.8k
Bhopal 10k 31.8k
Surat 5.9k 24.5k
Assam University 45k/19k 186k/43.2k
BIT Mesra 4.7k/5.2k 12.8k/10.3k
Gurukul Kangri 19.6k 48k
GuruGhasidas 21.5k 46.7k
Allahabad 6.2k 37.4k
Sant Longowal 14.2k 42.3k
Mizoram University 4.8k 53.7k
Tezpur 25.3k 42.2k
Katra 16.6k 51k
Shibpur 2.1k/6.3k 10k/12.3k
Garhwal 26k 46k
Naya Raipur 13.4k 22.8k
Hyderabad 4.2k 14.7k
PEC 1.9k/2.5k 11.3k/8.4k
JNU 7.9k 20.5k
Bhubaneshwar 13k 3.7k

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