JEE advanced important topics 2D, 3D and Vectors

JEE advanced important topics
IIT JEE PREPARATION is not just about logic, it is also about memorizing formulas. If anyone has told you that you do not have to memorize in Maths or science he has lied to you. In this post I will write about a group of chapters in Maths which requires a lot of learning formulas. I am talking about Co-Ordinate Geometry one of JEE advanced important topics.
Every chapter in Co-ordinate Geometry requires learning a lot of formula and on top of that you need to be very good in Calculations. So brush up your algebra from class 8 to 10.
Let’s start with each individual chapter of co-ordinate geometry

Basic Concepts and Straight Line


This is one of the JEE advanced important topics part of the whole Co-ordinate geometry because it forms the basic foundation. There are several forms of lines, but it is good if you are familiar with each of them. In this chapter, there are many definitions (orthocentre, incentre, etc.). Many formulas and have them all in your heart. The shifting of origin and family of straight line are the two important concepts that will help you in resolving your questions. Practice and study a lot of different types of questions and do not solve 10 questions of the same type. Solve 10 questions from 10 types (ie 1-2 Questions of each type).

Circles And Conical Sections:


It is advisable for you to be well prepared by equations formulas in the standard form, vertices, parametric forms, length of latus rectum, etc. tangent, normal, etc.. The common equation of curves and lines are sometimes very useful. There are special results (for example, the reflection properties of the parabola and the ellipse). It’s hard to remember all at the same time. For every little concept solve a question. And practice a lot of locus problems as it is also JEE advanced important topics. Again, solving different problems from different topics will help you.

Vectors and 3D: It is similar to 2D


Have a good idea of the problem in 3D. It is another JEE advanced important topics. This will help you a lot and again remember all the formulas. You will not encounter many problems in 3D, but Vectors will give you many problems.
You can tackle most of the Vector problems by transforming them in 3D problems. There are some standard techniques (bring a dot product, a cross product with something, etc.), try to implement them and see if they can help, continues to solve various problems. Several lines form may become confusing for you. Difficult questions can easily be formed into vectors. Try to remember all the available formulas. This will surely help you. Again, this is based primarily on examination, revising and practice.
As a result, coordinate geometry, vectors, and 3D are mainly based on calculations, with several central concepts that apply to all problems and situations. Do not forget they are JEE advanced important topics.  If you study it thoroughly, you will find nice links between different formulas and situations. I will suggest you to solve all the problem of 2D and 3D from NCERT.


As usual, if you are going for coaching, it is advisable for everyone to follow the classroom assignment. If not, you can take refer from the following books. I cannot find the link for some of the books, so you will have to go for the ones listed below (I teach in VMC and I find the study material of VMC very good).
If you want to practice very difficult, lengthy and twisted questions. You can buy Arihant or Cengage for Co-ordinate geometry and Vector
S. L. Loney is another great book with very good questions. This is certainly worth the time if you have time.
In addition, another great book for Co-Ordinate geometry is A Das Gupta. Solve them if you want a good understanding and good reach.
Practice 2D and 3D thoroughly they are JEE advanced important topics. They can be game changer for you. They carry a lot of weight-age. You need to revise and practice them very well. All the best for exam and if you have any concerns please comment.

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