JEE advanced important topics ? The one from Chemistry !

how to prepare for JEE mains Inorganic Chemistry

It is Inorganic Chemistry! Are you surprised? Yes, actually, it’s a bitter truth. Want to know how to prepare for JEE mains? One thing is for sure you can not do it without Inorganic Chemistry. It is another arm of chemistry that some students study very seriously in relation to others because many students are usually defeated in this chapter. If you will ask any topper they will tell you it is  one of the JEE advanced important topics.

Inorganic Chemistry is often the last priority of the students. The reason behind is the “ratta” required in this portion of the Chemistry. Mostly students expect logical and conceptual questions. And Inorganic Chemistry is far away from that. On the other hand, some student think that “inorganic is wrote learning, so let us do it just before the exam”

But the truth is that besides your reasons and thinking ability, JEE test also checks your ability to remember through memory-based questions formulated in inorganic chemistry and in organic chemistry (practical organic chemistry).

There are many examples of students who do not value inorganic chemistry and get a higher rank (higher merits than they deserve). One of the best examples is a student of mine who got AIR 749 in IIT JEE. He was very weak in Chemistry especially. He was excellent in mathematics and physics and could easily reach a rank below 500 if he seriously studied inorganic chemistry.

How to prepare for JEE mains for inorganic chemistry, here are some powerful points you need to keep in mind:

NCERT is THE Book.

Every word of NCERT Inorganic Chemistry is gold for IIT JEE. In some years back, IITs are giving questions directly from NCERT. Once, the matrix Match of 8 marks was also taken directly from the NCERT.

never loose touch

Never loose the touch of Inorganic Chemistry even for two weeks. Because it is one of JEE advanced important topics. Therefore you should start preparing yourself from the first day and learn seriously for two full years. Engage yourself in Regular Revision. I can assure you that if you stop to review it for about 15 days, you will probably forget a lot.

Apart from NCERT, if you have some more time, you can buy J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced). This book is Advanced level. But, it has some great insights on different concepts and exceptions.

     J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE                   (Main & Advanced)

WARNING: Consult with your Chemistry Faculty when you need the JD Lee. It contains many things that can help you on IIT-JEE.

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