JEE advanced important topics : Physical Chemistry ??

JEE advanced important topics

JEE advanced important topics : Physical Chemistry – On Request

This is a post on physical chemistry (as most people require). A huge number of students are asking me about JEE advanced important topics of Physical Chemistry so here it is. This part chemistry is very similar to physics and is very popular because it involves fewer memory based problem in the three parts of the chemistry (Organic, Physical and Inorganic).
The Mole concept is one of the most JEE advanced important topics.
There are other lessons:


For me, it was the most difficult lesson because I couldn’t figure out the secrets of this chapter before the end of the JEE advanced preparation. You will learn a number of Redox reactions (potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, potassium dichromate, sulfur dioxide, etc. one of JEE advanced important topics). You won’t feel comfortable in this chapter until you finish inorganic chemistry. So be patient.

JEE advanced important topics : Mathematics


My favorite and the simplest, (Most logical). One thing you need to know is to be strong not only in numbers but also in the theory based problems of this chapter.

JEE advanced important topics Thermodynamics:

This is very difficult; the materials available on the market go beyond the second and third laws of thermodynamics in full detail. But it’s useless. The third law does not appear in the syllabus and in the second law; the JEE advanced preparation only has a brief discussion + calculation of entropy. Make sure you feel good with thermochemistry. It is very important JEE advanced important topic.

Chemical kinetics:

one of the easiest one with the very small syllabus but you consider it JEE advanced important topics.


A VERY BIG GUN! With just one equation: “Nernst equation” and unlimited applications. If you don’t feel comfortable with any of the above things, it will be a nightmare.

States Of Matter:

this chapter is very simple but it thoroughly covers the liquid states (some collaboration features)

Nuclear Chemistry:

this is also easy. But it is very good for everyone to be aware of the terms, definitions and properties or functions.

JEE advanced important topics-Surface Chemistry:

A number of students consider this as a part of Inorganic Chemistry but you count it in Physical Chemistry also. It is advisable not to ignore it-one of the JEE advanced important topic, otherwise, you will regret it (for confirmation go through JEE 2012 paper).

Recommended Books :

There are a lot books available in the market for JEE advanced important topics in Physical Chemistry and . I will recommend a few of them and also provide their link. You can buy it directly from the link.

Arihant Physical Chemistry : Low cost book wit a lot of good quality questions. Buy it here.

Cengage Physical Chemistry Part 1 & Part 2 : A very comprehensive book for Physical Chemistry. It starts from the basic and then goes to JEE Advanced level. Buy Part 1 and Part 2 here.

P. Bahadur for Physical Chemistry: This book is from a very long time. Language of the book is very easy to understand. It is sufficient for JEE Mains and also upto some level for JEE Advanced. You can buy this book here.

Atkins Physical Chemistry : It is a foreign author book. It is very different from other books. If you are really into Chemistry then you can buy it. This book is also recommended for Olympiads. You buy it here.

Best of luck. Cover all JEE advanced important topics of Physical Chemistry. Please comment and share !

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