Short Notes – Key to success in JEE Advanced Preparation

JEE advanced preparation

Making use of short notes is very important. This is one of the few things I regret in my JEE advanced preparation. Because I could not complete my short notes then. Although I made them during the end of my JEE Advanced Preparation. Short notes have helped me a lot in the last few months.

Making use of short notes can help you in the following ways:

  1. Whenever you are making your short notes, this means you are reading your lecture notes/books, then take the most important points and write them down. Firstly, carefully read the book/notes, which is very useful. Then you are rereading and writing down your important point that you think will be useful for you which is 3 times more than the normal revision of the most important point of the chapters.
  2. Taking short notes will make you not to forget those points because they are the first thing you see whenever you have less time to review the theory. And believe me, half JEE Advanced Preparation is complete if you know these “important points” well.
  3. Taking a brief note helps a lot during the revision aspect, mostly in class 12, when you need to review an important topic, for example, 2 hours. You cannot read the whole book. You can read the short notes and then immediately solve the main problems.

Write down all formulas, exceptions, reaction mechanisms, reactions, and important conditions by making a short note. For JEE Advanced Preparation, you can buy the books from the market but your hand written notes are better . Additionally, follow the important questions in the study material (I have highlighted some important issues with the stars).

I realized the actual importance of short notes one day before JEE. You really want to study hard, but you have no time to study all your notes. Make use of them if you do not want to regret your action later.

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