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JEE main and advanced Important topics for JEE mains Olympiad KVPY

Every Maths student of class 12th dreams to crack JEE main and advanced exam. But with the JEE main and advanced, there are a number of other competitions. The most common are the KVPY, the National Standard Physics Examination (NSEP), the National Standard Chemistry Examination (NSEC), the Indian National Olympiad of Physics (INPhO), the Indian National Chemical Olympiad (INChO), the BITSAT and other State Engineering Exam. Read about Important topics for JEE mains and other exam below.

With the exception of the Olympiads, be it Physics or the other two, other exams (KVPY, JEE Main, BITSAT or CET) can be easily qualified if you are well-prepared for the JEE Advanced exam.

JEE main contains some topics that are not in the JEE advanced syllabus. But you can cover them easily. For those chapters refer NCERT or any board level text book.


The same applies to KVPY (Kishor Vyaganik Protsahan Yojna). Certain concepts asked in KVPY SA are from class 9th and 10th syllabus. But in KVPY SB every concept is common with JEE Main and Advanced. In KVPY you will have to solve lesser question then JEE Main and Advanced. On the other hand questions in KVPY are difficult than JEE Main and Advanced.


The problem comes in Olympiads. You can appear for INPhO, RMO and INChO. These exams require a thorough knowledge of the subject. These are subjective exams and are significantly above the traditional level. Important topics for JEE mains are completely different from Olympiads. These tests evaluate your knowledge, not the speed (compare it with jee, which focuses mainly on speed).

You need to have firm control over concepts and ideas about how to “write” instead of “tick” in JEE main and advanced.

About 40 students are declared “passed” in INPhO and INChO. If you pass them, then you have to attend training camps in Mumbai. Clearing camps allow you to compete at the International Olympiad Competition!

Here are some useful books

Physics Olympiad:

IE Irodov,

Indian National Physics Olympiad By Saurabh A.

Pathfinder to Olympiad Mathematics

Science For Everyone : Aptitude Test Problem In Physics : S.S.Krotov

Problems in Elementary Physics : by Bukhovtsev


Indian National Chemistry Olympiad by Praveen Kumar

Comprehensive Organic Chemistry by Amitav Mazumdar


Arihant Publication by Rajeev Manocha

Problem Primer for the Pre Regional Mathematical Olympiad by Kunal Singh

For previous year paper go to www.olympiads.hbcse.tifr

Solving previous year paper is also the key to excel in JEE main and advanced. If you want to know other Important topics for JEE mains please go through other posts of my blog.

Cheers !

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