JEE main and advanced : Mathematics for Beginners

JEE main and advanced

in JEE Mains is an engineering entrance exam organized by the NTA while JEE Advanced exam is conducted by IIT council. In order to decipher the JEE exam, students must also focus on three important topics for JEE mains: physics, chemistry, and mathematics. An article in mathematics is one of the most critical topics in the JEE program. And often, you will find a person telling you that IIT JEE Mathematics is especially very difficult. I have tried to answer all your quetions regarding mathematics in this article. Here are some useful tips for the JEE main and advanced exam:

Paper for Mathematics IIT JEE main and advanced

Finding a proper text book for Mathematics: Selecting the right textbooks is very important for success in the exam. This method will reduce your efforts because you won’t need to read every textbook to understand the different mathematical concepts. If a student selects a better book for JEE main and advanced then he or she also improves the chances of hi or her success. We have a list of good mathematical books for you:

Books on Complete Mathematics

NCERT Maths Textbooks XI and XII

JEE main and advanced
High School Mathematics by Hall and Knight

JEE main and advanced
A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis by G.N Berman
IIT Maths by M.L Khanna

JEE main and advanced

All of the above books contain question from entire syllabus of Mathematics. Below is the list of the books for specific sections of Mathematics.


 Arihant algebra (Combination and Permutation, 
the theory of equations, Series and Sequences 
complex numbers) 

JEE main and advanced
Algebra By Ghanshyam Tewani

JEE main and advanced

Differential Calculas

 Arihant differential Calculus

       Differential Calculas Cengage Publication

Integral Calculus

Arihant Integral Calculus


Cengage Integral Calculus


Play with graphs Amit. M. Agarwal

Functions and graphs for Vinay Kumar IIT JEE


Trigonometry by Ghanshyam Tewani 
       Plane Trigonometric  by S.L. Loney

Complete Calculus

 A comprehensive manual for calculus by Arihant 

Coordinated Geometry

 Textbook for geometry coordinates SK Goyal

 Elements of coordinate geometry S L Loney

Solve 5 JEE main and advanced Mathematics questions Every Day:

the only way to become an expert in JEE main and advanced mathematical paper question is to train as many simulated or previous test questions as you can every day. At least 5  mathematical questions must be resolved on a daily basis to understand the overview and structure of the issue. Remember that the ability to do well depends on the ability to solve mathematical problems precisely. According to me number of rough pages used in Mathematics will decide your marks. So keep on practicing till you reach your goal.

Mathematical Exam Day Advice:

Students are excited when they solve all mathematical questions one by one in JEE main and advanced. This approach is perfect if you are sure to answer exactly all the questions. However, this is not a general scenario, so it is advisable to rank the mathematical question into different level: Easy, Medium and Difficult questions. Start with simple questions, then try the middle and go to difficult questions. Are you wondering how this will help helps you? When questions are separated according to the degree of difficulty, you can quickly resolve them and complete them quickly. This approach allows you to cover the most issues over a short period of time. Follow this method and you will get better marks and lesser negative marks.

JEE main and advanced Time Management:

This is one of the most important factors that can significantly affect your score in JEE main and advanced level. So it is very important that you solve maximum if not all questions in 60 minutes. Selecting and solving questions that are easy in the first place, and then passing through the hardest, can help you get a higher score in the joint admission exam.
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