BITSAT: Fierce Competition vs Easy Paper

Jee mains vs jee advanced vs bitsat

JEE Mains vs JEE Advanced vs BITSAT

Often students ask the difference between JEE Mains and BITSAT Some of them ask the difference between IIT JEE and BITSAT. Another similar question is Which is harder JEE Mains or BITSAT.
You will find answers to all such question here. I am going to discuss the statistics and also the view of the students who have taken the exam.

Number of Seats and Colleges in BITSAT, NIT, IIIT, CFTI and IIT

BISAT 3 2,200
IIT 23 12,079
NIT 31 17,390
IIIT 23 2,228
GFTI 23 3,741

As you can see clearly number of seats in BITS are very less than other institutes. Looking at this data will give you an idea about the competition between BITSAT and other Colleges.

Number of your competitor per seat for BITSAT and other Colleges

Total Number Of Seats Total Number of Applicatns Number of your Competitor Per Seat
BITSAT 2000 200000 100

18620 + 4023 + 4703 =






In the above table, you can see that a greater number of students compete against you for a single seat in BITSAT. The competition for a seat in NIT’s, IIIT’s, GFTI’s is one-third of BITSAT. And most surprising competition for IIT’s is one-fifth.

Number Of Question in BITSAT, JEE MAINS, JEE ADVANCED and the time for every question

Total Number Of Question Duration Time for every Question
BTSAT 150 3 hour = 180 1.2 minute = 72 sec
JEE Mains 90 3 hour = 180 2 minute = 120 sec
JEE Advanced 54*2=108 (Paper 1+2 ) 6 hour = 360 3.33 minute = 200 sec

You get a shorter time to solve a BITSAT question than a problem in JEE Mains Paper or JEE Advanced. And it is such a big difference to ignore. You will get almost double time in Mains and triple time in JEE Advanced than in BITSAT to solve a problem. From this perspective, BITSAT seems more competitive than any other Engineering Entrance Exam.

Reservation in BITSAT, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced

There is no reservation available for any category in BITSAT. Students from all category are considered to be the same in this exam. Each student will have to do better from other students of all the category. This means there will be more competition for every seat of BITS.

Comparison of Cut-Off

This part is essential to understand. In BITSAT 2018 almost 29000 students scored above 225. But in these marks, you will get no branch in any of the three Colleges of BITS. While if you get such marks in JEE Mains, you will quickly get a rank under 2000. This is also true for JEE Advanced.
Therefore you can conclude that BITSAT has the highest cut off among all the three exams.

Level Of Questions

Now here is the catch. A lot of students who have qualified JEE Mains & Advanced and also BITSAT feel that BITSAT is a lot easier.
Questions in BITSAT are so comfortable that they are mostly about speed.
Most of the questions in BITSAT are usually straightforward and need the direct application of formulae or concepts.
Here is a direct comparison between the questions of JEE Mains and BITSAT.

Indefinite Integration Question Of BITSAT

Indefinite Integration Question Of JEE Mains                                                                   Differential Equation Question Of BITSAT

Differential Equation Question Of Mains

As you can see questions in BITSAT are pretty easy than JEE Mains.

In JEE Mains you will have time to think about all the possible solutions. Then you will apply the shortest possible method.

But questions will have only one straightforward solution. And if you can think about it apply it at once. You can not think about the different method of the question for more than 30 seconds.

English Proficiency and Mental Ability Question

There will be 15 question from English Proficiency and ten questions from Mental ability. Questions from English can be difficult for some students who are weak in English, which is not right for most of you.
Start reading English newspaper from today, and you will be able to do at least 8-10 questions.
On the other hand you can buy this book to cover English Proficiency and Mental Ability.

Questions from Mental ability are also easy to medium level. In the right mindset, you can attempt these question under 10 minutes.


Question Difficulty: Easy
Competition: Very High
Questions in BITSAT are easier than JEE Mains and IIT JEE. You need to remember every formula in your fingertips. Your speed is vital in BITSAT. You can not think twice for a question.
But competition in BITSAT is remarkably higher than JEE Mains even higher from IIT JEE Advanced.

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