JEE Mains Preparation Tips For Last 15 Days

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Have you finished your board exams?

Are you confused about how to finish the entire syllabus in two weeks? 
Do not worry it is very much possible. Read the entire article.
This is a very crucial time. Majority of students give up during this time and start thinking about taking a drop for a year. This is a very negative attitude. 

Remember you have to give your 12th exam and JEE Mains exam is not that different except the pattern.

Revise Only Known Chapter Not New Chapter

Revise Only Known Chapter Not New Chapter

So where to start? 
Are you going to start with your weak chapters? 
Because you think you have enough time to strengthen those chapters. 
Wrong! Never start with your weak chapters when you have only two weeks left for the exam. 
The reason is simple if you have not been able to strengthen that chapters till now then you wouldn’t be able to do it now. 
Maybe you will be able to master one or two such chapters but at the cost of 4-5 strong chapters. There is one more possibility. You can get very demoralised if you are not able to solve enough number of question, which in turn can lower your final performance.
So what option is another option?
Duh! Start with those chapters which you have already mastered. 
There must be enough chapters in which you are comfortable.



In Maths these chapters can be Co-ordinate Geometry, 3 D Geometry, Vectors, 3 D, Lines, Planes, Functions to Differential equations. 
I will say you can leave Indefinite Integration because questions in this chapter can be very lengthy and frustrating. 
There are other chapters also like Sequence Series, Binomial theorem, Quadratic Equations and Trigonometry. 
Quadratic equation and Trigonometry! 
These are from 11th class. You must have forgotten them. Revise it because some question in other chapter uses Quadratic and Trigonometry.



Now let’s talk about Physics Modern Physics. The most natural chapter and yet very scoring. Electrostatics. You have completed you. Board exam and you have practised this chapter already. Do your derivation again. In this way, you will be able to learn formulas.
Current electricity can give you marks in lesser time than another chapter. 
Do not waste your time in Rotational Motion, Circular Motion if you are not comfortable in these chapters. 
You can neglect chapters like gravitational motion, Surface tension, Sound but do not skip Light and Optics.



Let us go to the Chemistry Section. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is very important section. Prepare as much as you can. Again you do not have sweat for those chapters which are very difficult for you. 
In Physical Chemistry go for Thermodynamics, Ionic equilibrium, Atomic structure mole concept, Electrochemistry and P, D, F block in Inorganic chemistry.
This is a very general suggestion you are always free to choose which chapters to revise first.

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Mock Test Papers


Along with revision, you should solve many Mock Test Papers. At least one mock test paper on every alternate day.
If you are scoring well then it is very good. But what if you are not scoring well in these mock test papers then also it is beneficial.
Because in that case you are not only solving these mock test to score but also you are improving your stamina.
Stamina? Yes, you need a lot of stamina to sit 3 hours in the exam with all your concentration and focus.
And if you are giving Mock test paper on each alternate day, then it will be easy for you to sit in an exam for 3 hours. So do not worry much about scores keep on giving your mock test papers.
Be careful. When I say do not worry about your score it doesn’t mean that you should ignore your mistakes. You have to cross check the answers and analyse your mistakes. And if you make a lot of mistakes do not be very judgmental about yourself.

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Use Your Handwritten Notes

Use Your Handwritten Notes

While revision, try to use your hand written notes as much as possible.

I know it is challenging to find your notes let alone revising from them. But do whatever you can to find those old notes and revise them. But why?
Because you have made those notes with your own hands while you were listening to your teacher, this is the best way to memories something. Revision from your notes will remind you of the concepts and problems faster and easier.
 Revision from handwritten notes will always be more helpful from reading from a book or a photocopy.


No more Intense Discussion

Remember when you used to discuss problems with your classmates in the middle of the class or before a test.
Avoid any heavy discussion with your friends. In such times discussions seem pretty reasonable. But this can be true only if you are very good at that topic.
Because during the talks of the average question you may feel a bit under confident.
This inferiority complex may lead to further lowering of your moral. Which can result in below average score in JEE Mains.

Follow Your Preparation Not Others 

Follow Your Preparation

What chapters is your class topper revising now?
How many hours is he or she studying?
What books is he referring to?
Do not waste your time and energy in such doubts. You should focus on your preparation.
Every student has their weakness and strengths. And you should keep yours in your mind.
Maybe your strong subject is Mathematics and your friends’ is Chemistry. In this case, you can not compare yourself to your friend.

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You must have some favorite chapters.
How much time are you spending on it?
If you are spending more time on it then others then you should keep in mind JEE doesn’t play favourites. Nobody in the exam will ask you which is your favorite chapters.
Odds are they can ask you a question from your favorite section as much as your not-so-favorite chapter. So give only enough time to your favorite chapter.

Avoid Too Many Hard Question


During these last weeks, students solve more difficult question to prepare for JEE MAIN. But this can do more harm than help. Because every time you get stuck in a difficult question you will lower your confidence. Which can be very harmful to your performance. But I will suggest trying as much as 4-5 difficult question per chapter during these last two weeks.

Mind Mapping 


It is true that in JEE Mains exam you will have a lot of rough papers. But using a lot of rough papers will take your time.
To avoid this wastage of time, you must be able to solve more natural or medium level problems in your mind.
This is Mind Mapping of the problem. For this, you have to be very focused on your study sessions for long hours.
Try to create the mental image of the problem and solve the question in thin air.

Stay Away From Internet 

Stay away from Internet

In these last weeks, you may feel an unnecessary need of internet. You may check your JEE Main exam date or JEE Main Examination centre again and again.
You may also keep on downloading video lectures from youtube. But this is a waste of your precious time, especially in these last few weeks.
You will not learn anything from such resources right now, but they may increase your anxiety. To avoid the internet as much as possible.

Take Care Of Your Health

Take Care Of Your Health

Last but not least. Do not ignore your health.
No late night studies sleep at least 6-7 hours.
Avoid any junk food. Eat only healthy food. Drink a lot of water.
A trip to Doctor in last weeks will cost dearly in JEE Mains 2019. Remember revision will be far more helpful than taking bed rest .

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How Many Hours You Should Study?

How Many Hours You Should Study
Every student wonders how many hour is enough for last 2 weeks.
I have no specific answer for this. But the general idea is as much as you can. 
Make a general rule of studying at least 6 hours. If you are willing to study more than that its good for you.
So minimum studying hours is 6 hour less that is not going to help. But remeber you have to take at least 6-7 hour continuous sleep. You should not compromise with your sleep.

Morning Schedule

You must have studied all night during your board exams. Students like yourself like to study all night and sleep during the day time.
Stop this schedule immediately. 
If you will keep on doing this chances are that you will sleep during your JEE Mains exam.
Make a proper schedule in which you should wake up around 6-7 am and go to bed around 11-12 pm.
Let your biological clock reset according to the timing of JEE Main exam

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Now you know all the tips for preparation of JEE Main in last 15 days. If you follow these steps, you will score a pretty decent mark. I hope this article was helping, but if you have any query, please feel free to comment.

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