JEE mains tips and tricks for Algebra. Where Everything Starts.

JEE mains tips and tricks ow to prepare for JEE Mains

Mastering Algebra is one of the most important JEE mains tips and tricks. There are parts that are divided between 11th and 12th. In any case, I will go to each and every chapter and tell you how to prepare for JEE Mains.

JEE’s Basics Mathematics:

This chapter basically involves logarithms, equation solving, graphs creation, polynomials, identity, and so on. Now, this is something truly fundamental and should be practiced very well in order to move forward. This can be difficult for some students at the beginning, but be sure to continue trying. In the end, you will understand it well.

Sequence and Series and Quadratic Equations:

These two chapters are relatively simple and sufficient to master the formulas and practice well. It may be difficult for you because you are not used to these things (Class 10 habits), but continue to try and you will find yourself doing well.

Permutations, Combinations, Probability, and Binomial Theorem

However, Binomial is not that hard as you think. This chapter has only one formula, calculations and a few types of questions. It is good to master them all. And remember the formula summary for several series that include


The real challenge comes in P&C and Probability. There are many difficult questions. This is entirely based on your ability to think. And here is the key to practicing and trying to remember the benefits of everything. That helps a lot in JEE mains tips and tricks. And try to solve different difficult questions, then check where you are wrong (if it is) and remember your goal. The probability is just the same when it comes to strategy. Give importance to conditional probability and Bayes theorem.

Matrices and Determinants:

This is a fairly simple chapter, simple calculations, and concepts. Simple questions can be difficult, especially those involving calculations in equations such as A = BC, etc. Use inverse properties and try to solve a different kind of questions well. You can create good questions when you include previous topics. Get ready for them.

A Complex Number:

This is a good number when you get used to representation, it helps and uses the concepts of binomial theorem and trigonometry here if necessary. Practice again.


Recommended Books

As you can see, algebra chapter is very simple. All you need is a regular commitment from you and your practice. Keep short notes to quote important formulas and concepts. Check it out and ask for it to be well understood. Rely only on good training materials as your main source. You can use these books for VMC if you do not have the mind of going for coaching. I have used them and found them very useful.

For more practice, you can solve by Arihant books as the JEE mains tips and tricks. If you need more practical books/alternative practices, you can look at the A. Das Gupta book. It contains very good questions, which are much better than any other study material. You need to solve it if you want to reach a range of 80/100.

You also need to look at the previous year papers when it comes to how to prepare for JEE Mains. So I also attached the Kindle edition of the previous year JEE papers. Kindle Edition is easy and you can use it to read it. Good luck and comment on your questions!

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