JEE mains tips and tricks for Trigonometry

JEE mains tips and tricks

This will be a short article because trigonometry is a fairly small part. However, this is fundamental to the rest of mathematics and you need to be good in trigonometry before moving to other chapters. Therefore I will be telling you different JEE mains tips and tricks for trigonometry in this post.

The basic rule of trigonometry is remember all the formulas and practice as much as you can. There are more than 50 formulas in this chapter. You need to remember them from memory (almost all the formulas are symmetric and can be remembered with small tricks).

The first chapter is referred to as Trigonometric identities. Many formulas with great tips, there is nothing you can do apart from practice and study a lot and remember the formula well. Then trigonometric equations come in, almost the same, only some additional formulas for standard solutions. Be careful with the domain and intervals. And solve some questions based on the graph, which is quite common when it comes to how to prepare for JEE Mains.

Next one is SOT(Solution Of Triangles). This is a very cool chapter. Important from the standpoint of KVPY and the Olympiads, again, many formulas and tricks. JEE mains tips and tricks for this part is also tonne of problems solving.

Then inverse trigonometric functions come in. It’s easy. Remember the main values, make a small adjustment for factor pi (carefully) and you’re done. Basically, trigonometry is a simple part. But the question is that it can be difficult as hell. The only thing you can do is to study, practice, and study, from the books below.


As usual, exercise books are best for mathematics. If you are learning how to prepare for JEE Mains for trigonometry, get the book Cengage Trigonometry. For additional practice, Arihant is the best. If you want more basic textbook for studying, get S.L. Loney (although it’s a bit old fashioned). For those who like to take up challenges, get A. Das Gupta. Among the other books, it has the most difficult trigonometric questions (it takes a lot of time to solve it).









Now all you need to do is to study harder, practice a lot and answer your questions below.
All the best!!!

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