JEE mains tips and tricks : Importance Of Self-Confidence

JEE mains tips and tricks

Self-confidence is one of the most important JEE mains tips and tricks for student preparing for JEE

From my first day preparing for JEE I was motivated to get in IIT. Why? Because I wanted to get the IIT Kanpur, I later realized that getting in IIT Kanpur is very difficult because a lot students were appearing for 4-5 years. I was surprised! But then I had this confidence that I will surely make it!

I remember writing a word on a paper: the target is IIT Kanpur in my closet.

In the first test in I was no where in the Rank list. I did very bad in my Physics test. Mathematics was better but marks in Chemistry was good.
It was not so good result! I was very disappointed.

But, I had the confidence I needed in myself. I believed in my self that I could realize my dream!

I work hard every day in order to achieve my goals and dreams.

The key aspect to achieving every dream is trust and confidence.

Another important thing is that you should always have believed in yourself that you can do it. However, you should never rely too much on yourself.

I will shares with you a particular incident that happens to me.
In my 1st class, I got 30th rank.
2nd class, I got more poor rank.
3rd class, there was a change of section and a new section was develop.
3rd and 4th class, I got 11th rank.
5th class, I was too confident, I was too sure about my performance.
My rank was 10th and my friends got a good rank higher than mine. I later realized my mistake.

In my 6th class, my school was switch to one of the better school in my neighborhood. It was a Hindi Medium School.
In a meeting with my new principal, he makes my mother understand that I topped in a “not so renowned” school in an easy way, but he would only believe in my potential if I could win his school.

In 6th class, I performed terribly because I end up with 23rd rank (70.77%).
But I have the confidence that I can do much better and greater than others.
In my 7th class, I got 13th rank
In my 8th class, in the second quarter, I got the 4th rank. There was a student, he got the 3rd (third) rank. I challenge him that next time I will get the 3rd rank, but he laughed at me saying  you have to study harder.
Actually, those words hurt me.

In another case, in my 8th I got 6th rank.
Next class 9th, half yearly – rank 4, and the first three students were only 7 points ahead of me – ah! It hurts me – only 7 points!
I made up my mind that I will overcome this 7 mark gap.
Class 9, final exam, topped all 4 sections by 14-point.

On our certificate distribution day, that student came and asked me, Atul, how do you study so high to have this rank? Well, that was a word of victory for me.
After that I never came back. I keep on improving myself over and over again.
Slowly I realized my true potential. I understood I can reach any mark if I will work hard with patience.

In my 10th class, I got 77.8% and top in the class. Now a days this is not considered a very good score but in those days I was just 13 marks away from merit list of UP Board.

Not always done well (as you see in my school profile). But I did not relent and I work hard: I have 100% confidence in myself.

  • School: I started with 30th rank in class 6th but I top the school with a highest in class 10th.
  • JEE: I started with very poor first test score, but I later finished up with JEE Advanced (AIR 2115)

In the meantime, work hard, stay motivated, be patient, enjoy learning.
Best of luck for every student on their exam, I hope these trips will help you on how to prepare for JEE mains

You need to have firm control over concepts and ideas about how to solve instead of only remembering. It is one of the most important JEE mains tips and tricks.

Breaking up a previous contest increases your self-esteem.

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