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jee advanced preparation

Many people ask me to write book reviews for jee advanced preparation in order to purchase them easily. There are so many books in the market and many books can be awesome for you but not everyone can afford so many books. I hope these JEE mains tips and tricks will help you choose a better book.
I will divide every student into three classes. Let select cute names.
Newbie – These are the students who have just started JEE advanced preparation. Newbies have little to nothing knowledge about JEE Main syllabus. Such students do not know about their weak and strong points yet. For real, they know nothing! I was also a newbie in 2003 when I started preparing for JEE.
Amateur – Such students have more knowledge about exam then newbie. They have little understating about how to prepare for JEE. Basically, if you had 2 months (or more) preparing for JEE, you are called Amateur.
Marksmen – These students have a great idea on JEE advanced preparation and their potential. Students in ‘Marksmen’ category will get very high rank may be under 100.


Recommended for Newbie and Amateur

Let’s began with physics. The recommended charter is the physics concept for every student by Professor HC Verma (he is also a professor at IIT Kanpur). Every young JEE aspirant should have HCV in their mini library. It comes in 2 parts and you can buy it here.

This book is recommended for Amateur and Newbie both.Make sure you buy both volumes as soon as possible. You need it as a base reference.These books will be extremely effective for those who are relying on self-study for jee advanced preparation .

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Recommended: Amateur and Marksmen

Once you have completed your baseline, you need to solve the DC Pandey book Series or Cenggage book series.

Why? They contain syllabus questions by JEE which are more difficult than HCV. They have so-called IIT JEE preparation tips you need for JEE advanced preparation.

These books are very useful for those who rely on self-study.

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Recommended: Marksmen

When you are Amateur and you want to improve your Marksmen level, I recommend solving IE Irodov. This book will help you understand that you are stupid and you know nothing about physics and that there is much to learn. This will make you a legendary Amateur.

Recommended for: Marksmen
Strictly Not recommended for: Newbie

Many of you are sending me a message that says: I want to be one of the first 50 and go to IITB. To be an IITB CSE student, I can tell you that this is the minimum number of books that almost everyone has solved here . These books are very useful for those who rely on self-study. These book teaches theory and gives you basic physical exercise at JEE level.

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