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Mechanical Engineering JEE mains tips and tricks

One of important JEE mains tips and tricks is excelling in Mechanics chapter.Guess which engineering branch is closer to Mechanics.You guessed right it is Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering is a vast field where engineers design and oversee numerous types of products. Whether medical devices, electric generators, internal combustion engines, turbines or even just batteries, you’ll find a mechanical engineer on hand.

They design refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and machines within buildings such as escalators and elevators as well as conveyor systems and automated transfer systems.

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Often described as a jack-of-all-trades in the engineering world, mechanical engineers have a working knowledge of electricity, computer applications, mathematics, physics and structures, they also are required to have some understanding of environmental, economic and social factors.

What mechanical engineers do?

As in other engineering disciplines, they use computers extensively to create and analyze designs, run simulations and test how a machine is likely to work. As a mechanical engineer, your duties might include:

  • Analyzing problems to establish how mechanical and thermal devices can resolve the problem

  • Analyzing test results to modify a design or system

  • Developing test prototypes of designs

  • Design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices or systems

  • Investigate failures of equipment or faulty operations

  • Supervise the manufacturing process of a device

Some examples of mechanical engineers include auto research engineers, heating and cooling systems engineers and robotic engineers.

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They work in architectural and engineering services, machinery manufacturing, transportation and equipment manufacturing, computer and electronic product manufacturing, and research and development.

what you will study mechanical engineering branch?

Mechanical engineering university studies typically include courses in mathematics, physics, engineering, and design. A mechanical engineering technology degree program may focus less on theory and more on the practical application of engineering principles emphasizing internships for students to work directly in the industry.

Important qualities for mechanical engineers include creativity, mathematical skills, mechanical skills, problem-solving abilities, and excellent listening skills.

higher studies & Salary Package

Should you desire to teach, a Ph.D. is essential for a faculty position in higher education. It may also be necessary if you want to specialize in research and development. A Masters degree will allow you to learn new technology and enhance management skills. Some mechanical engineers can become managers or administrators after they have gained work experience in the field. Monthly salaries can average from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 as an entry-level employee depending upon your college and Interview.


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a national level exam and qualifying exam for admissions to graduate Masters and Ph.D. programs and for some scholarships. GATE scores are also often used in recruitment for employment in the public sector. Those who are interested in pursuing the GATE exam should prepare intensely and acquire a copy of the GATE Mechanical Engineering syllabus.

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The I.A.S. or civil service exam is another option, which requires serious preparation and is another career possibility for engineering graduates who wish to dedicate their careers to public service.

Aditya Uppal – Mechanical Engg AIR 19 in 2014 UPSC


Employment opportunities for mechanical engineers are expected to grow 9 percent over the next decade. Particular industries such as automotive manufacturing may grow even faster due to developments in electric and hybrid cars. Nanotechnology, alternative energy, and the Automation and robotics fields will offer numerous opportunities for creative engineers who desire to be at the forefront of the technological revolution. For a mechanical engineer, the sky really is the limit.


Total Seats



Bhubaneswar (B.Tech) 30 3.7k 5.1k
Bhubaneswar (M.Tech) 10 5.9k 5.9k
Bombay (B.Tech) 116 305 848
Bombay (M.Tech) 888 1128
Mandi 42 4.9k 6.4k
Delhi 68 545 1025
Indore 60 3.1k 4.9k
Kharagpur (B.Tech) 67 1k 1.7k
Kharagpur (M.Tech) 48 1.6k 2.5k
Hyderabad 45 2k 3.1k
Jodhpur 60 4.3k 7k
Kanpur 100 909 1.6k
Madras (B.Tech) 75 689 1.3k
Madras (M.Tech) 72 1.4k 2.1k
Gandhinagar 30 2.4k 4.2k
Patna 55 3k 7k
Roorkee 100 1.6k 2.4k
Dhanbaad 103 3.7k 6.5k
Ropar 70 4.3k 6k
Varanasi 100 2.8k 6.7k
Guwahati 80 571 2.9k
Bhilai 40 6.1k 8.4k
Goa 30 5.7k 7.8k
Palakkad 30 4.5k 7.9k
Tirupati 40 5.6k 7.9k
Jammu 30 7.6k 8.8k
Dharwad 40 5.6k 8.3k


HS/OS (Total Seats)



Jalandhar 45/45 15.8k/12.2k 29.7k/18.5k
Jaipur 46/47 7k/8k 12k/12.8k
Bhopal 85/85 10k/8.7k 20k/15.5k
Allahabad 61/61 3.7k/2.3k 11k/10.5k
Agartala 68/70 59k/13k 167k/30k
Calicut 68/70 4.8k/7k 15.5k/12k
Durgaapur 75/74 15.2k/10.8k 26k/17.4k
Goa 15/15 39k/13.8k 70.5k/20.5k
Hamirpur 46/46 25k/13.8k 72.4k/19.6k
Surathkal 69/70 3.7k/3.3k 14.5k/7.1k
Meghalaya 15/15 85k/22k 279k/34k
Nagaland 13/13 /26k /39.6k
Patna 47/51 11.4k/16.4k 29.9k/23.9k
Puducherry 13/12 39.5k/11.4k 111k/21.8k
Raipur 45/47 19.3k/11.6k 42k/20.3k
Sikkim 15/15 303k/23.7k 982k/32.3k
Arunachal Pradesh 13/14 114k/19.5k 228k/34k
Jamshedpur 43/43 12.8k/12.3k 25.7k/17.3k
Kurukshetra 69/69 8.8k/10.5k 19.8k/16.1k
Manipur 15/15 191k/19.4k 449k/35.8k
Mizoram 13/13 329k/26.7k /39k
Rourkela 45/45 8.5k/4.1k 15.4k/9k
Silchar 60/60 9k/11.2k 51.4k/24.2k
Srinagar 38/38 31.3k/20.6k 100k/38.9k
Tiruchirappalli 46/46 1k/877 10.2k/4.5k
Uttarakhand 15/15 24k/16.4k 41.8k/24.3k
Warangal 54/54 3.3k/2.8k 9.9k/7.4k
Surat 92/93 4.9k/6.8k 18.9k/14.6k
Nagpur 68/68 3.8k/7.1k 14.5k/12.1k
Andhra Pradesh 30/30 18.8k/14.5k 27.1k/25.7k
Kanchepuram (B.Tech) 60 18k 37k
Kanchepuram (M.Tech) 30 12.3k 38.3k
Jabalpur 100 12.6k 29.2k
Kurnool 40 21.3k 38.5k
BIT Mesra 51/60 21.3k/12.8k 34k/22.7k
Gurukul Kangri 92 27.3k 58k
Ahmedabad 30 12.3k 35.6k
Guru Ghasidas 60 27.5k 57.8k
Sant Longowal 32 28.9k 54.9k
Tezpur University 21 29.7k 55.6k
Vaishno Devi 28 31k 59.3k
Shibpur 37/37 8.3k/9.1k 21.8k/20.8k
Garhwal 15 30k 54.9k
PEC 47/49 7.2k/8k 32.5k/22.5k

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