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Why do you as a student need motivation? Why can’t people do their work right away? Have you been thinking about these? 
This phase of our life is very important.Its ok, you can find inspiration on your own. We have internet now. Internet is full of possibilities, here are some of the best inspirational videos for students like you that I feel will help you go through all the stress of exam and preparations. 


1. Best Motivational Video in the World | For Students | Credit- Sandeep Maheshwari

This is one of the best inspirational videos about life on YouTube, it’s about how not to lose hope and keep working towards your goal. Sandeep Maheshwari, one of the best motivational speakers from India, tells the story of a Hungarian man who had a dream of becoming the best pistol shooter in the world and to win an Olympic medal. He carries on explaining how he practised and perfected his aim and skills. But as he was a soldier, he suffered from a horrific accident in which he lost his right hand. The hand he needed for the sport was lost due to a grenade explosion. But the rest of his story is very motivational. He did not give up and started training his left hand for pistol shooting and won medal in national games. Even after that he showed character of perseverance and commitment to the goal that even after two consecutive cancellation of Olympics, he won medal after years of waiting and training. He did this by competing with athletes much younger than him. His story is extraordinary and inspirational and there is a lot we can learn from this. The lesson about consistency, how you should keep on trying no matter what. And never loosing hope. Believe that you will attain success and working hard for it is a formula that never fails.


2. NO EXCUSES – Best Motivational Video


One of the best inspirational video with music in YouTube. Just as the title suggests the video is about how to stop giving excuses and start working towards your goal. Most people who fail are quitters, they don’t try enough. They say a lot of excuses and convince themselves that this is not possible. But quitters never win. You have to understand that all these things are just inside your head and are not real. This inspirational video continues to tell us how the task will never be too easy. If it is too easy, then it is not worthy. People want success but are not ready to work for it. But nothing amazing comes easy. Successful people worked hard to get there, so don’t get jealous of them, they stood once in the same place where you are standing right now. But the difference between them and the others is one simple thing, they never quit. They kept on doing what they are supposed to do until they got what they wanted. Nobody is going to hand you success, you have to earn. Being a student, acing that exam and getting into some of the best colleges in the country is your goal. And in the race to achieve that you should make some sacrifices and put on the work. And then success is yours for the taking.

3. ‘GREATEST SUCCESS STORY’ (ft.Jack Ma) – Motivational video | Jack Ma speech | Inspirational video


This video is about the life of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba an online shopping platform. His story is one of the most motivational stories and that is why it makes this video on of the best motivational videos for students. The narrator here wanted to join Harvard and got rejected multiple times and started working as a teacher which earned him very little money. Then he decided to change his life forever as he turned into the Internet. He developed which got rejected by investors a lot of times, but he released it at last. The company took a lot of time to prosper but the determination and optimism of the narrator made him work hard continuously even though he faced failure again and again. After all these years of hard work his company rose to be one of the biggest companies in China and gradually in the world.

The narrator continues to say what makes winners different from losers is that they never complain and remain true to their work. These words can be applied in our lives as students. Anything is possible. Believe and put in the work. Make mistakes and learn from them. Hats how you become successful. All these makes this a great inspirational video about life.

4. Motivational Speech from Pursuit of Happiness


Undoubtedly one of the most inspirational videos about life from one of the most motivational movies of all time. Pursuit of happiness is filled with moments of insights on life.

In this video Will Smith, the narrator explains to his son How confidence and optimism is everything. I am just going to quote it as it is in the movie as I can never top that.

“Never let somebody tell you, you can’t do something, not even me.”

“You got a dream, you have to protect it, People can’t do something themselves and want to tell you even you can’t do it, you want something, Go get it, Period.”

You will encounter a lot of pessimists and naysayers in your life, it can even be your parents. But you have to put your priorities straight. Make it clear in your mind what you need to achieve and then work for it. Nothing is impossible and if there something that is stopping you from getting your goal its you. Winners always finds a way to succeed. Keep that hopes high and never stop until you reach your goal, and that’s how winning is done.


5. When You Feel Like Quitting: Remember Why You Started! – Motivational Speech


This motivational video is about all the thoughts you have to think about when you ever think about giving up. Just having a goal is not good enough to succeed. You should build a reason and dream of it. You nee d everything clear in your mind. You need to know why you are doing it and decide how you are going to do it. Of course, it is going to be tough. It is supposed to be tough. That’s why you see less people on the top. All the effort you put in is going to add up and raise you up to your goal. Whatever struggles you are going through is temporary but once you reach your goal, the satisfaction in unmeasurable and the success is forever. On your path to success there will always be a way out. Quitting is the easiest thing to do, keeping on moving forward through the obstacles is the tough part. And that is what is going to get you to your dream, Be it getting into the college of your dreams and finally getting a job you will love to do.



6. This Is for All of You Fighting Battles Alone (Walk Alone Speech)


This inspirational video on life teaches you some of the best lessons in life to achieve success. One of the main things you need to learn is that people are temporary, they come and go.
But the decisions that you make and the paths you choose during the most crucial phases of your lives determine what you are going to be tomorrow. You will only be able to enjoy the fruits of success when you know that you have given your level best for it. You have worked hard putting all the effort to achieve it. Then the result will be amazing. This is one of the things you should always keep in mind. That’s what makes this one of the best motivational video clips on YouTube.


7. STAY HUNGRY – Powerful Motivational Video


As the title of the video suggests, this motivational video is about chasing your dreams and staying hungry. The video starts by saying what is important is not to be focused but to stay focused. You could watch a video and become motivated for today but what about tomorrow? The secret to success is doing what you have to do and keep on doing it unless and until you reach your goal. Staying hungry is the most important part. Your future is yours to make, nobody is going to hand over success, you have to work for it. It can be tough and you might get fed up of it but find motivation and go forward. If it was easy then the success will not be as beautiful as it is.


8. CONTROL YOUR MIND – Best Motivational Video

This inspirational video is about how powerful a tool your mind is. Using your mind and controlling it in the right way can lead you to success. But it very easy to fall prey to your mind controlling you. But learning to control your mind is not easy, you should train towards it. It’s all about practise and consistency. Keep all the negativity aside and fill your mind with positive thoughts and emotions. Once you do that you will feel how things start to change for you. Your goals will get clearer and clearer. And as they get clearer achieving them becomes easier. Control what you think and work your ass off till you reach where you want to be.


9. 30 Motivational Stories to Push You Forward In Life – Thought Catalog

Now watching motivational video clips are not the only way to get motivation online. There are a lot of blogs and motivational stories that you can go through in internet that could do the job. Here in this case Thought Catalog has put together some great life lessons like putting laziness aside and trying hard for success.

Here is the Link

10. Top 10 Motivational Speakers on YouTube


In this page you can find some of the worlds very best motivational speakers. Their motivational videos and inspirational stories are sure to change your life.

People can change our life in many ways, some do by sharing their stories. Others by showing us through their life. has put together some of these extraordinary people with their inspirational stories. They have people like Gary vee, C T Fletcher and Tony Robbins who are some of the best motivational speakers out there. They have some really good inspirational videos for students and people from all walks of life. Do check them out.

Here Is The Link

Hope you liked the list of youtube motivational videos and sites I feel can pump you up with motivation and inspiration. All the very best in whatever you strive for in life.

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