Must buy Physics Books for JEE main and advanced

inThere are countless JEE main and advanced preparation books on the market and every year the pattern changes. Which books to buy?

Well, this cannot be done with one book per subject. This would surely be much less for the preparation of JEE. However, I then tried to mention the minimum set of books you must have if you are preparing for a contest.

If Your Target Is 5000 or above Rank

For those who only target the selection in JEE (even a range of 5000 is acceptable for them)


Physics Concepts by Professor HC Verma, Part 1 

Physics Concepts by Professor HC Verma, Part 2

JEE main and advanced

If Your Target Is 1000 or above Rank

For those who aspire not only to a rank but to a decent rank (for example, around 1000 or so), you must obviously follow the previous books. In addition, you should keep the books mentioned below with yourself. Keep in mind that the higher rank means harder effort. It is almost inversely proportional. Which means you have to work 5 times more than the 5000 range to get less than 1000 in JEE main and advanced?

Mechanics Part1 and Part 2 by DC Pandey

Electricity and magnetism of DC Pandey

Optics and Modern Physics by DC Pandey

JEE main and advanced
Waves and thermodynamics by DC Pandey

If Your Target Is 100 or above Rank

For those looking for an exceptional rank in JEE main and advanced (around 100 or less), the books mentioned below are must-haves. At this level, you can not compromise in any subject. You cannot afford to lose a single standard problem and, therefore, solving all the problems becomes essential…

Problem In General Physics by I.E.Irodov

JEE main and advanced


Wiley’s Halliday / Resnick / Walker Physics for JEE (Main & Advanced)JEE main and advanced


Start with the book in which you are comfortable. Always start the book which you find one notch higher from your caliber. It should neither be very difficult nor very easy. If you find this article valuable please share it with your friends. Best of luck for JEE main and advanced.

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