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In this post I will talk about one of the most feared topic of Inorganic Chemistry – Qualitative Analysis. This chapter requires zero logic but 100 % cramming. It is one of important JEE advanced important topics. This is the idea of most JEE candidates. But my vision is a little bit different from others. If you learn from a good source (which is described in the detail below), then, I don’t think this chapter is very as difficult as many JEE beginners view it.

Here Are Some Tips for JEE advanced important topics-Qualitative Analysis:

1.  Make your preparation for this chapter by writing down your reactions in a notebook. Some students think that they can master different reactions and facts by just reading them a few times but trust me it never happens in reality. Almost every average JEE candidate does not have a high level of IQ. And almost everyone agrees with the fact that you can remember far better by writing than reading. When you are about to start learning this chapter, it is advisable for you to bring your pen and paper with you.

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2. A perfect and trusted material with easy to understand language. For example, I used the VMC material packages in parallel with a book called Vogel’s Qualitative Analysis. This book is very good and reliable and now it available for JEE. You only need to study 100% of this book for JEE. You can also try something else but the above 2 should be enough. Please note that there are other package instead of the VMC material packages. But do not worry, they are all the more or less the same.

3. There are several problems you can put to action by solving them, especially past or last year problems. Solve every problem form the past 25 years to date. Do your revision and always repeat the questions in this chapter.

Tips to crack JEE Mains : Important Topics in Organic Chemistry

4. Finally, the most important thing is to review and revision. As I have already mentioned in inorganic chemistry article post, all inorganic chemistry part (including qualitative analyzes) require intensive revision and testing. It is very easy to forget Inorganic Chemistry even if you do not revise it for a week.

So these were the tips for Qualitative Analysis. I hope you will find it useful. I will try to write more about qualitative analysis in future and give you more insight in this JEE advanced important topics but enough in this article.

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