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Important topics for JEE mains : The photoelectric effect

photoelectric effect

Let us study about one of Important topics for JEE mains : The photoelectric effect . The photoelectric effect In the first third of the twentieth century, some peculiarities of the electron began to be known in phenomena that settled the nascent theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. Among them, we can highlight the manifestations known as the photoelectric effect

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Important topics for JEE mains : Buoyancy & Archimedes Principle

Important topics for JEE mains

In this blog you will read the basic concept of Buoyancy & Archimedes. It is an Important topics for JEE mains. Buoyancy The hydrostatic thrust comes from the fact that the pressure of a fluid increases with depth and the fact that this increased pressure is exerted in all directions (Pascal’s Principle) so that there is a net imbalance upward

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Tips to crack JEE mains : Mechanics

If you are in class 11th then you must have already started with mechanics. It is a nightmare, right? Believe me, this is an area that many hate when they start and surprisingly they love it at the end of the preparation. However, JEE has the reputation of asking truly incredible questions about mechanics. But do not worry; I’m here

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