How to prepare for JEE advanced in Co-ordinate Geometry.

how to prepare for JEE advanced

Coordinate geometry has a heavyweight in JEE and is considered to be the simplest subject in JEE mathematics. First of all, this article mentions the intelligent analysis of the chapter, the relevant books, and tips to crack JEE mains. Read full article to learn how to prepare for JEE advanced in Co- Ordinate Geometry.

1.) Basic terms:

rectangular coordinates, the distance between two points, examples of formulas, transfer of origin, etc. This is the backbone of coordinates geometry. Do not forget to learn all the formulas of your heart. Locus problems are another set of problems for JEE.

2.) Straight lines:

equations of lines of different forms, the angle between two lines, distance from a point to the line. Lines that cross the intersection of two specific lines, the equation of the bisector of the two lines, the concurrency of three line, the centeroid, the orthocenter, circumcentre etc. These are the topics listed in the JEE course. Understand different forms of lines and learn how to use the best form in a given situation. The family of straight line is the most important for JEE. Also, be sure to use the parametric form and when.

3.) Circle:

circular equations in different forms, tangent equations, normal and chords. The equation of the circle in parametric form, the equation of family of circle at the intersection of two circles and the circle and lines This is the simplest chapter. Understand standard equations. There are several formulas in this chapter, such as – the length of the tangent from a point, the standard equation, the equation of the normal, the equation of the common tangent, the determination of the radical axis, the radical center, etc. It’s better to learn from the heart. The parametric equation of the circle is very important.

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4.) Parabola:

Most of the equations derived from circles work here. The parametric shape is very important for all conical parts (Parabola, Circle, Ellipse and Hyperbola). An interesting topic is a parabolic reflection you can learn to solve the many type of questions in JEE. Keep in mind that paragraphs are common to coordinate geometry. So it’s best to be ready to do something new during JEE exam. You will not have the same old questions. So if you really want to know about how to prepare for JEE advanced – be ready for very unique questions.

5.) Ellipse:

like circles. Once again, the parametric form is important. The help wheel helps solve problems in this chapter. In this chapter, locus questions are often mentioned. The parametric form helps to solve locus problems. Memorizing different formula of Tangent, normal, chord and point of contact is must.


like circles and ellipses. Simple, but confusing, Hyperbola, it’s conjugate, pair of asymptotes and their properties are important. Some people find problems in this chapter. Indeed, this chapter marks the end of the geometry of the coordinates. It usually irritates people and usually ignores them. Remember, however, that people making paper know all this. And they’re ready to bother you. A good student can not stay in this manner.


TMH is the best book if you want to know how to prepare for JEE advanced. You can buy it here.

If you are trying to prove something difficult and want to know the geometry of the coordinates, look at SK Goyal’s the geometry of coordinates. It’s a good book. It contains sufficiently subjective and objective problems. Make sure you do everything


Any revision package can help you. Make sure you see the formulas from several trusted sources. It is best to write them on paper and check them regularly. You will only learn how to use it. Solve as many problems as possible. You’ll love it. You can try TMH (unresolved questions).

Concluding Remarks:

Make sure you know the parametric form of each conic, the tangent gradient “m”, the normal equation “m”, the tangent and the normal equation at any point (x, y) or the parameter, these are the most important things and most problems are solved when you do them.

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