Tips For Revision Of IIT JEE Mains and Advanced

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Revision For IIT JEE Mains and Advanced

Every students goes to School and almost every student attends a coaching institute. They visit the same classes and make notes. They solve many problems in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Then they appear in a lot of Tests for JEE Mains and Advanced.
But not all of them get desirable marks and ranks.

And as a result of this rank, your parents think that you are not preparing well or working hard. They will not stop there. They will judge each of your habits as a bad habit. Whether it is your guitar playing, weekly cricket match or your friends. Which in my opinion is not true.
This phenomenon occurs very often among JEE Main aspirants. Students with the same potential get different rank in the same test. Worse a student with high intelligence quotient can get inferior rank in any test.
So the question arises why this happens?
If you have attended the same coaching class and attempted the same questions, but when it comes to the result there is a massive difference between the rank of yours and the topper. Why?
The answer is REVISION.
You must be thinking why such a trivial thing is essential for the results.
Because in IIT JEE in takes two years to complete the syllabus. In IIT JEE syllabus you study almost 64 chapters. Each chapter has a dozen concepts. In every chapter you solve over 200 problems.
So you can see you do a lot of hard work in JEE preparation because the syllabus is enormous. In such pressure, your mind will forget a lot of these concepts.
As we move on to a new chapter, our find will partially forget the previous chapter. Thus you will learn new chapters and unlearn the previous chapter together.
NTA expect us to remember each chapter as if we have learned it today. Your brainpower should be as sharp as a steel sword.
You may have such brain power if you revise the concepts, , and examples very smartly. Revision is by far the most important thing for a competitive exam aspirant.

Take small steps every day

Take small steps every day

The most important way of revision is whenever you learn a new topic or concept revise it immediately.
Suppose your teacher taught you acidic strength order in chemical Bonding today. Then its recommended that you revise it as soon as you reach home. Even it will be better if you revise it on your way home. It will save you a lot of time.
Per day you should revise for half an hour per subject. The focus of this daily revision should be topic or concept you learned today in the class.

Revise main points and questions not only theory

Revise main points and questions not only theory

Do you remember when you revised last time?
What exactly did you revise? Only theory or questions also?
It is a widespread mistake that students focus only on theory while revising. It is wrong because IIT JEE Main and Advanced Exam is application based exam, not a theoretical one.
You will make at least 25 notebooks in your JEE Preparation. And if you will keep revising only theory from these class notes, then they are useless.
Thus your revision is nothing if you do not revise a solved example with every concept. Your application part will be substantial if you revise a difficult solved question with every concept.

Revision Of A Particular Topic

Revise of A particular Topic for JEE Mains

If you have a class test of a particular chapter tomorrow or day after that, then instead of revising only theory you should practice the question also.
Let me give you an example if you have a test of Simple Harmonic Motion. Revise the basic concepts and a few critical questions related to every concept.
Then select a few easy questions from your question bank and solve them in a time frame. If you answer them pat yourself in the back and then pick some not-so-easy question and solve them. Repeat the same process at least four times. Increase the level of question from easy to difficult.
But this process is not as smooth as it seems. You will get stuck in some questions. In such case refer to the related concept in your class notes or book. Then try to relate your unsolved question from the solved example and try it again. This analysis will increase your marks and rank unexpectedly.

Make a Cheat Sheet For Every Chapter


Make a cheat sheet for formulas for IIT JEE

A cheat sheet is a collection of all formulas, tips, tricks, and shortcuts related to a chapter. I will suggest you make one. I will recommend adding an essential question in the cheat sheet in the concise form
To create such a list, you have to wait until the end of the chapter. After finishing the section gather all the material, you referred. The write all necessary information in a very very concise manner.
Make it very concise you can even use sign language which can understand.
This cheat sheet will save you precious time during JEE Main exam.

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Revise At least two Subjects Per Day


Psychologists say studying more than one subject is better than only one subject per day.
Suppose you are revising Physics and Maths on Monday for JEE Advanced. Then on Tuesday review Maths and Chemistry.
Because if you keep revising the same subject, chapter and concept for a whole day your mind will get bored. You can get confused with different concepts.
Thus when you make your timetable, next time include at least two subjects per day. Download Mock Test PAper for JEE Mains Here.


Read key information out loud


Read key information out loud

It is also a scientific fact when you are revising something read out important concepts loud.
What’s the reason for this?
It is convenient. If you only mumble the words you only see them. But if you read out loud, you see them as well as listen to it.
It will embed the concept in your mind .or a long time.
Though this method has its limit, you can not read every word on the notebook out loud and also in numerical part reading is not enough.
I will recommend this method for Chemistry ( Organic and Inorganic) and Maths & Physics formulas.

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Simplify, summarize, and compress the information


Not a lot of students can do it. But if you can, you will be able to get an extra edge over other students.
Simplify and summarise your revision as much as possible. A concise summary is easy to remember.
One of the ways to do this is to make your mnemonics. For example
Lina Kare Rab Se Fariyad.
Elements: Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr
Beta Mange Cars Saari Baap Roye.
Elements: Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra
Nepal Pakistan Australia Sab Bikhari. (No offence!!)
Elements: N, P, As, Sb, Bi
Memorize Pi till 10 decimal places: 3.1415926535
May(3) I(3) have(3) a(3) large(3) container(3) of(3) coffee(3) ready(3) for(3) today(3) ?

Switch up your location


Switch up your location

You must have a particular place in your house or hostel to study. You must get bored and stagnant by studying in the same area for long hours. It happens with almost every JEE aspirant.
In such a situation you should change your location. You can go to your parent’s room or sit in the balcony, or whatever may suit you.
It may sometimes work when you are revising for long hours. A change in your location can reset your mind. After that, you can study for a few more hours.

And these are all the techniques very efficient for an effctive revision. Above tricks for revision of JEE Mains and advanced are tried and tested by me and my students.
It is very important to keep revising your syllabus if your preparing for exams like IIT JEE. You can not hope that you will revise the entire syllabus in last few weeks. This is impossible.
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If you can apply them in your revision you will get surprising result. Your rank will incearse in your class sufficiently.
In any other case you can contact me or comment below.
Best Of luck.


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