Tips to crack JEE mains : Mechanics

If you are in class 11th then you must have already started with mechanics. It is a nightmare, right? Believe me, this is an area that many hate when they start and surprisingly they love it at the end of the preparation. However, JEE has the reputation of asking truly incredible questions about mechanics. But do not worry; I’m here with the best tips to crack JEE mains that will guide you through the mechanics step by step.

It Starts With Kinematics


Be clear with vectors and basic mathematics and you’re done. Practice much at this stage because you would have early practice to quickly solve equations.

The Next Chapter Is NLM


This may seem very difficult, but do not worry, at the end of your course you will be very comfortable. Practice a lot of questions. I cannot emphasize that further. Pay attention to terms such as friction, ropes and pulleys, normal force, circular movements, etc. Practice it until it’s perfect.

Work, Power, Energy and Gravity


This is very important in physics. Gravity is related to it. Take a look at Kepler’s preservation of energy and laws when dealing with gravity problems. The energy work theorem is another important concept. Feel comfortable in the dark.

Center Of Mass And Momentum : One Of The Heaviest Chapters After Rotation


Not hard to break. The first step could be an attempt to remember all terms and equations. That helps a lot. Be vigilant with the vectors. Conserving the impulse depends much on it. Fights have interesting problems. Be careful with the main formulas. Preserving the swing and energy is fundamental here. Remember COM positions of different objects. This will be very useful in the future (Tips to crack JEE mains). Remember the basic crash events (small object, heavy object, equal mass, etc.). Spring questions are common. Remember parallel / serial springs and basic equations

Rotation Is Really Tough And JEE Is Asking Some Exciting Questions In This Chapter


It’s hard and has a good weightage. You should give it enough time. Start with the moment of inertia. Learn MI from several standard objects and pay attention to derivation. This will help you if some questions come to JEE based on MI.
Then comes the angular velocity, the kinematics of rotation, and so on. It is very simple if you know trigonometry and basic kinematics. Then there comes torque, kinetic momentum, etc. It seems difficult, but in time it will be natural, if it is clear with NLM. Remember that there are only a few equations, T = I (alpha) and L = IW. Try to remember it by correlating with NLM. It is very important to preserve the kinetic moment. Many questions are asked about it. Be clear from the rotation axis and the point at which you want to keep it. Solving many problems will help. It is a great tips to crack JEE mains.

Now SHM Comes


Another fundamental and important Chapter. Remember SHM Derivations and Equations. Remember the formulas of this Chapter. This will save you a lot of time on the Exam day. Questions that involve determining the time Period of any mechanical system are common. Be careful with them.

Dynamics Of Fluid And Elasticity


This is not very important, but some simple questions are important. You do not want to lose them. The equation of continuity, pressure variation with depth, and Bernoulli equation are important. Also try to solve questions about surface tension (JEE has asked some very difficult questions about these concepts). Elasticity has a graph of stress relative to stress. Remember it well. These chapters have many long equations. Try to remember those long questions. At JEE (Main) there may be at least some questions where you should need these long questions.
This was the Synopsis of the Chapter. As for the preparation strategy, first listen to your online coaching conference, do homework and discuss in class if you are in a coaching. This will help you to erase the mechanisms.



HCV is a God of Books of mechanics. Read each line (regardless of whether you are in coaching or not), understand everything and solve every question. Solutions are available somewhere on the Internet, I suppose (I do not know if they have copyright or other, so be careful). Talk to your teachers. If you honestly answer all the questions of mechanics, nobody will prevent you from being a master in mechanics.
I also recommend reading NCERT. It gives a wonderful look at the topic and will prepare it for JEE (Main) as well as for for other exam.
If you need more practice, check DC Pandey Problems. Deb Mukherjee‘s book is really good for conceptual questions. And then God comes. Irodov It will prepare it for the Olympiads and solve any problems in JEE (Advanced). Solve this book only if you have time and solved completely or Partially HCV.
It’s better to do it during the holidays. But believe me; Irodov will give you a higher margin if you want to reach the category of the top 100. A.nother great tips to crack JEE mains
You can buy books inexpensively Through This links:
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This post is meant for mechanics. Next time, I will cover more things. Feel free to comment on any suspicion / suggestion.
Wish you all the best!!!

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