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Are you appearing for Boards Exam this Year? And you are also appearing for JEE Mains? Are you confused right now? Don’t worry this article will guide you through this confusion whether you are from CBSE boards, UP Boards, ICSE Boards or Rajasthan Boards.

The problem arises due to the lack of a broader perspective for JEE Mains and its relation between the Class 12th syllabus. They are not different; they are practically the same from the standpoint of syllabus only their pattern is different. One is subjective, and other is objective, but chapters are the same.

So they are different yet similar. Like these canine in below picture. They belong to same family of Pinscher but different breed. You have to understand the difference and the similarities both and exploit them.

Similar Yet Different


Board Questions Are Subjective While Mains Questions Are Objective 


One paper is subjective ans other is objective. You can link it. You can prepare for both of them simultaneously.

You already know Mathematics part in Boards, and Mains are somewhat similar in terms of the length of the question. Now you have to hack it. How?

While revising for Boards Mathematics exam, you can take a Mains unsolved paper and solve its Mathematics part like a subjective paper but only those question which is from the important chapter for boards like 3D, Vectors, Differential Calculus, probability. Integration etc.

Remember these questions are from Mains paper but solve it like your Board Exam, write each and everything in detail. In this way, you can revise a lot of question from Mains while preparing for Boards.

Two Year Syllabus vs One Year Syllabus


This is the significant difference between Board Exam And Mains Exam, and there is no escaping it.

You can deal with it in following two ways #1 Revise the 11th standard revision after the board examination and #2 It is less taken path but will get you more results.

So What is #2 ? Whichever board is it MP Boards, UP Boards or Rajasthan Boards any of them announces their Exam schedule there is always a gap of 3-4 days. Use this gap for Revising 11th Class Mains Syllabus.

But keep it in mind there might not be very long gaps so only revise the chapters which are relatively easy like Kinematics, NLM, WEP, S block, Periodic table, Hydrocarbons, Mole, Atomic structure, Quadratic equations, Binomial Theorem, Permutation and combination Arithmetic, and geometric progression, etc.

These are the few chapters, you can revise more chapters, but they must be easy and essential.

Offline and Online 


Offline and online exams are entirely different. Right.

Apparently yes but in reality not much. They might look different because one question paper is on PAPER and the other is on the computer. But you do not have to type answers on computer you have to check the options.

In a way CBT or Online Exams are more efficient and time saving than offline exam. Also, you can get as many rough paper as you like Board exams.

But avoid using multiple rough pages. You will lose a lot of time and maybe you will start doing your rough work like Board exam. If your focus, concentration and practice is strong try to do half of the rough work inside your mind.

So you do not have to think about this difference.

Time Limit Of The Exams


Let’s move on to similarities. The time limit for both papers is 3 hours(180 minutes).

But you may complete your board exam paper before time because your preparation is very good and also Paper is moderate.

But in Mains you will not find it very easy to complete or even attempt all question in time. This is because of the pressure of exam and level of question of Mains make the time limit feel shorter. You will not find such level of questions in your Board preparation.

So what can you do? Prepare for harder question for boards. How? Solve only difficult sample paper of Board so that they meet the level of  Mains. ,.

There are so many Unsolved Board Paper books are available in the market. Before buying them just go randomly through the papers if you find them (difficult) than board exams you can buy it.

Both exams are around the same time.


Mains and board exam are nearby. How does it help the performance?

Momentum! When you study rigorously for Board exams for a couple of months you get used to studying long hours, solving a lot of questions per day. Not to mention your focus is heightened.

Your mind is fully stimulated, questions seem easier than before and your memory also become stronger. This is momentum of your brain.

Right after board exam you have Mains exam. You can use all this momentum in your JEE Main. Your brain is already working very efficiently you just have to push it a little further.

So Board exam kick-starts your brain for your JEE Main. If there was a 2-3 month gap between these exams your mind wouldn’t work with such efficiency.

Most of the difficult questions of JEE Mains are from the syllabus of Board Exams


Generally everyone assumes that JEE Main paper has more questions from 12th than from 11th but this is a general statement, it can be wrong sometimes.

But one thing is certain most of the difficult questions are from 12th class syllabus. Which can be tackled easily because you have really studied hard for Board exams. Remember momentum.

Some of you can find questions from class 11th harder which is quite possible because there are some chapters in class 11 which are hard and also may be your revision of class 11th is not done properly.

Strike a balance between JEE Mains and Board Exams 

Difference Between Boards and JEE



As you can see there are so many similarities and differences between Board Exams and Mains and you can understand that preparation of Board Exam is not totally different from Mains. For each and every attribute of Board exams there is way to prepare for Mains.

“Preparing for Mains and Boards is completely different ” is a myth. And you should not consider them different, they are similar. Always keep this in mind while preparing, it will take the pressure off.

You will master these strategies with practice. Take baby steps. Start with planning. Find out which two exams have a gap of 3 or 4 days, how will you utilize this gap.

Then find a model paper with difficult paper whose level of problem exceeds boards and matches Mains. Try to solve the paper in time limit afterwards analyze the answers, find the mistake and rectify them.

If possible then visit NTA website for CBT practice and use rough paper as little as possible.

I am sure if you will apply these tricks you will be able to get excelent marks in Boards as well as extra ordinary percemntile in Mains.

If there is any question or doubt in your mind you can post in the comment section.

Best Of luck.


  • Sooraj Singh

    Why didn’t you write this article back in 2014 ? I left my IIT JEE preparation back then because I could not cope up with school and coaching together. And now I am sitting at home because my private degree could not get me a job.

  • Vikki Kumar

    It is really helpful Atul Sir. The balance between boards and IIT JEE is very much possible. Please give us more tips like these.

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