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Studying for JEE  Mains and acing it is not a piece of cake. But you sure can make it easier by taking some careful  planning and organizing. The amount of topic you have to cover, and the time and effort put on it sure makes it a cumbersome task. The whole preparation is bound to make you stressed So one will have to take measures to keep your cool when the exam day arrives. So here is very important JEE Mains tips and tricks: Motivational Songs.

Everyone will have their own methods for calming and taking the pressure of our heads. Personally, I feel music can be one among, if not the best solution.

Motivational Songs can charge you with high energy. So, let me just cut the crap and jump into some of the music that I think is the best to treat your auditory receptors and bring down that stress.

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1.All Izz Well

All iz well JEE Mains
I needn’t introduce you to this song or which film this song is from. Still, this is the song that became the college anthem during its release. 

It’s from the movie 3 idiots starring Amir Khan and didn’t take long to become the most celebrated college movie of all time.

The reason I suggest you this song for this purpose of relieving exam stress is that apart from having a celebrating aura to the soundtrack it also brings all the memories one have linked with the movie, and you don’t want me to say how inspiring and motivating a movie 3 Idiots was. 
The song itself is a bunch of guys yelling everything is and will be alright, and there is nothing to worry. So, listen to this song and tell yourself ‘all is well’.

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2.Stronger – Kanye West

2.Stronger – Kanye West JEE Mains 2019

One of the best songs to pump you up with motivation. Listening to this song is sure to fill you up with that drive you need when you reach the last few days of preparation. Just as the name suggests, this song is all about inspiration and motivation for getting yourself better and stronger.

And when you listen to this one, don’t forget to hear the lyrics which is more or less like a motivational speech in a song format. This one is sure to make you feel whatever you have done till now is worth it and gives you hope and fills you up with positivity. 

Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, don’t forget that. It’s in that song by the way. The song builds pace as it goes on and by the end of it you will be all fired up and that moment might be a good time to do that last revision you otherwise thought was unnecessary.

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3.Meri Ma

Meri Maa-JEE Mains 2019

This is a song is a different genre and is on a different level altogether. It’s from the movie Taare Zameen par. The song is about a guy who sings how grateful and thankful he is for all the things his mother has done for him. The song is so beautifully written that by the end of the song you are filled with all the love and gratitude in the world for your mother.

Making your mother proud is probably one of the best feelings in the world, I know the reason you are trying so hard to get into the best college in the country is not only for your success in life and making big bucks after getting a good job.

There is always an underlying urge to make your parents happy and being successful is undoubtedly the best way to make it up for them for all the things they have done and will keep doing for you. Sorry, I got carried away, this song is that good.

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3.Beat it- Michael Jackson

3.Beat it- Michael Jackson JEE Mains

Who else to raise your spirits than the king of pop himself. Beat is one of the best of Michael Jackson. The beats are so good, and the lyrics are uplifting. Although most his songs are fantastic, I think this one is among the finest Motivational Songs.

4.Dil Se Soundtrack – A R Rahman

4.Dil Se Soundtrack - A R Rahman JEE Mains

When it comes to AR Rahman, I don’t even want to pick a specific song all of his songs are pretty awesome. I feel his songs generally have a soothing aura in them. But still, I believe songs from the movie Dil Se excels them all. 
All the songs in the film have a dark melancholy feel to it and are sure to calm and bring your exam pressure down. You might be thinking about why you should listen to romantic songs the day before the exam. But believe me, A R Rahman song has the magic in them and is going to do nothing but good for your mind.

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5.Not Afraid -Eminem


Not Afraid -Eminem JEE Mains

God of Rap has some songs up his sleeve that can change your mood for good. Not afraid is one of the best from Eminem when it comes to lifting your spirits up. The songs literally say what it will make you feel like. 
I think Rap songs generally has the power in them to make you feel more optimistic and pumped up to look forward in life, and this song sure does that.

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6. Ennilerinju

 Ennilerinju JEE Mains

This one is a Malayalam song from the movie Jacobite Swargarajyam. Even if you are not from kerala and understand Malayalam, this song is quite a specimen. The pace and form of this song are pretty good, sure to lift your mood up. The song is about you should never give up and keep trying as victory is for those who strive hard.

7.Kuch Kariyen – Chak de India

.Kuch Kariyen – Chak de India JEE Mains

Chak de India is one of the best inspiring movies from Indian cinema, and this song inevitably takes all the essence and represents the whole winning spirit that the film gives you.

The soundtrack is so pumped up, and the lyrics are awesome. Its all about how to stop thinking about the obstacles in front of you and worrying about how you might fail and to start working for the goal, explains pretty much what you got to do on the last day of your exam.

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8. Zinda – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Zinda - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag JEE Mains

Another action-packed Motivational Songs from another sports movie. Zinda is so much filled with power that it will leave your heart racing by the time the song is over. The song is about hard work and determination, traits which winners are made of. 

Sports movies are always about rising from failures and reaching your aim at the end. Songs from these movies have that essence in them which shows being the hardest worker around you is the best way to become the best. You should always know that consistency and the work you put in is the key to coming to the front.
Keep it in mind that the guy who is going to get better ranks than you is doing one revision more while you rest.

9. Aigiri Nandini


Aigiri Nandini JEE Mains

I know what you are thinking, you are making me listen to devotional songs now? I am not denying that this is one but give it a try once and I am sure it will blow your mind. It is a contemporary take on the old song giving it a good remix. It’s from a Malayalam film ‘Solo’, and the song has good pace and full of energy. Pretty sure to bring up that mood and lighten you up.

10. Love you Zindagi


10. Love you Zindagi JEE Mains

This one is from the movie Dear Zindagi. People who have watched the film will know how inspirational and uplifting of a film that is, and this song is as good as that. The track is mellow and subtle and is sure to do some severe mood lifting.

11. Udd Gaye- Ritwiz


11. Udd Gaye- Ritwiz JEE MAins

One of my favourite Motivational Songs released recently by Ritwiz for Bacardi house party sessions. It’s fantastic for its track, and it’s a song unlike any other. Watch the video too if you can because its pretty soul is lifting and heart-warming.



12.Thokar JEE Mains

This one is a Punjabi song and is empowering. Hardeep Grewal is the singer, and he sings it with passion, and his voice is inspiring, and the track has a motivating tone to it. Basically, most Punjabi songs have that power in it that makes you all fired up and feel alive, this song is no different if not better.

If you have other songs in your mind please write in comment section. So that I can update mine.

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I hope these songs help you the way it did for me. Keep your calm and go write the hell out of that exam. All the very best.

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